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What to Expect from Betting on Sports 2017 Programs

Most of the Betting on Sports 2017 programs are intended for both sportsbook and casino operators. These programs tackle other topics outside of sports betting such as affiliate programs and regulations.

The Betting on Sports Conference this year is set on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The venue for the conference will be at the Olympia London in West Kensington. But what can attendees expect from Betting on Sports 2017 Conference by SBC Events?

Brand Ambassadors – How to find a good fit

Betting on Sports 2017 Conference happens on Sept. 13 at Olympia London

This program is for targeting esports audience through the use of content. Speakers will present a case as to how content is the key to capturing the attention of these demographics. They will also show what separates an esports bettor from the usual sportsbook bettor or casino player.

Esports audiences are part of the young demographic, wherein a growing number has disposable income.  Operators can learn how to make these audiences into brand ambassadors through the conference program.

Marketing – Changing dynamics in strategy & planning

This conference program will take a look at how the current role of a chief marketing officer is affected by industry consolidation and an increasing focus on intelligence or data. Speakers will show how these factors can influence a CMO’s media strategy, operator planning, and decision making.

One of the chief marketing officer speakers for this program includes the CMO of OddsRing/Leonbets, Mark Thorne. Mark McGuinnesa, the CMO of BetOlimp, is another speaker for the program.

Super Affiliates – Navigating the new business landscape

Due to current regulations, general standards, and growing consolidation, the affiliate iGaming market has drastically changed over a span of few years. This program will tackle the relationship between a jurisdiction’s regulation and M&A. It will cover the significance of the affiliate market in bringing new business to its operators.

Adding weight to this program are the speakers for it. Marcos Oliviera, chief affiliate officer of Clever Advertising Group, is one of the speakers. Lee-Ann Johnstone, CEO of Best Odds Marketing, is the moderator.

Social Responsibility – Making improvements in player protection

Gambling problems are one of the common issues in the iGaming sector. This presentation will look into how today’s technology in profiling a player is addressing gambling problems. Speakers will talk about how the industry’s collective efforts can find a way to protect players who are prone to this problem. They will also discuss how to present the solution to regulators who may not have a practical goal in solving the gambling problems in their area.

Innovation in Payments – The crucial interface

The topic covers the payment interface in every iGaming site. This presentation will talk about the technology that is improving the payments section of whether a fiat or Bitcoin casino, sportsbook, or gambling website. These improvements include a user-friendly interface and customer protection.



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