Pulls Back Curtain On Bitcoin Game Blockchain Roulette

The great mystique of gambling is that players do not exactly know most of the time how they win. The random factor in games of chance cannot be fully eliminated. There are several layers of interactions that bettors are not usually able to know about like which bets have been made and the history of previous games.

This is where tries to set itself apart from other gambling sites. Aiming for complete transparency, the Bitcoin roulette site gives players a chance to see how everything goes together towards players winning.

High degree of transparency

The biggest step that has taken to establishing transparency is their publishing of the rules by which it determines the winning number in each spin. The heart of it is that when the bets are being processed, the site takes the number from the blockchain. Starting from the left, it skips all of the null characters in the generated hash plus one except for zero. Bitcoin European Roulette

This puts a stopping point in the code. From there, two characters are taken and converted into a hexadecimal number. This number is converted another time into a number in base 10. If the result is below 222, then the winning number will be the remainder of dividing the number by 37. If the result is less than 37, then that is the winning number.

If the result is greater than 222, then a new number is generated by moving to the next two characters in the hash code. These rules can result in several winning numbers depending on how many bets are in the given block.

This is just one part of the site’s transparency efforts. Every transaction and game has been recorded so that players can check back for anything they can think of. If a player suspects something was fishy in a past game, they can check out the record of the game and calculate if the results were legitimate. They would also see which bets won and how much they won.

Made possible by Bitcoin

All of this is made possible by the Bitcoin blockchain technology behind it. Normal casinos would not be able to compile all of this data without divulging the inner workings of their casino games.’s usage of the hash code as the foundation of its random number generation makes its game a provably fair one and, with open transactions, people can legitimately put their trust in the site’s operators.

This openness of the blockchain roulette game is a boon for many players. For one, they will have no worries about being cheated. Gamblers always have that sneaking suspicion that the house is subtly manipulating things in its favor. Another benefit is that skilled players can try to predict future spins, using the data of past games, though they will never be a hundred percent sure on the results.

Bitcoin gamblers who like fair play can do worse than dropping by