FIBA Basketball World Cup Takes Spotlight on Anonibet


Bitcoin sportsbook Anonibet is covering the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and has already released the best odds for all of the matches in the opening day.

Anonibet FIBA

The FIFA World Cup fever may have already seized, but the football action continues to stir up the sports betting scene with the opening of the hottest European leagues. However, the football craze will have to give way for another much-awaited sporting event as the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup kicks off on August 30. Anonibet has the entire tournament covered.

A total of 24 countries from five continents have qualified for the quadrennial event that is to take place in Spain and will compete in six venues within the host country. Jumping on the euphoria of basketball fans and gambling enthusiasts, the pioneer in Bitcoin sports betting, Anonibet, has recently unveiled what it calls the best odds for this year’s battle of the mightiest basketball teams from across the globe.

In fact, already posted on its platform are the odds for the opening matches for all four groups, hinting the possible early winners of the competition.

In Group A, the odds are in favor of Serbia, Brazil, and Spain as they are poised to grab their first W from Egypt, France, and Iran, respectively.

On the other hand, Anonibet sees the potential for Croatia and Greece to easily win at 1.01 against their first foes: the Philippines and Senegal. Also, Argentina may edge Puerto Rico with the odds of 1.35 against 3.15.

Meanwhile, USA becomes the clear winner in Group C when it goes head to head against the wild card Finland. However, despite the close odds, Ukraine and Turkey are geared toward securing a 1-0 record on the first day should they outplay Dominican Republic and New Zealand.

The Bitcoin sportsbook also has its eyes on the current top team in Africa, Angola, to beat South Korea, ranked third in Asia. Slovenia at 1.80 may also win, but with the odds of 2.00, Australia can easily steal the show. Mexico, unfortunately, is expected to succumb to Lithuania.

With the odds for the first matches already out, Bitcoin casino and gambling enthusiasts are expected to join in on the fun and excitement of betting on basketball on Anonibet. This year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup will run through Sept. 14 with a total of 13 game days that every avid Bitcoin sports bettor must watch out for, whether to root for their national team or to simply experience the action and take home tons of winnings.

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