First Bitcoin Credit Card Redefines BTC Ecosystem

First Bitcoin Credit Card

Starting July this year, Bitcoin aficionados will experience fluid and superb Bitcoin transactions through the aid of CoinCard, the first cryptocurrency-based credit card labelled to be unparalleled in the cryptocurrency landscape.

After countless efforts to further overhaul the convenience of cryptocurrency accessibility, experts finally come up with the most advanced Bitcoin innovation there is to date. With the help of Crypto Private Investor Group (CPIG), one of the most prestigious companies in the Bitcoin department, the first Bitcoin credit card was brought to life.

CPIG, whose flagship focus is the widespread adherence of society to cryptocurrency, noticed that despite the progressive ways of cryptocurrency transactions, mainstream society still turns a blind eye on these feats.

However, the Bitcoin patriots found an efficient solution to boost the advancement of the latter’s adoption on a global scale through the introduction of CoinCard.

How CoinCard works

CoinCard holds advantages by being more than just ‘the first crypto-based wallet card.’ In reality, this card functions in numerous ways imaginable, and it greatly complements both Bitcoin and fiat consumers.

One of the benefits this card has is it is accepted worldwide and functions as both credit and debit card, which is different from the prepaid cards on the market like the BuyAnyCoin card. That being said, any store or outlets that accept debit and credit cards will be able to process CoinCard transactions. Users must be reminded, though, that CoinCard only functions in stores accepting MasterCard payments. Even so, crypto-payment functionality is expanded through the service of this Bitcoin-based card.

How CoinCard Works

Moreover, CoinCard comes in two variants—Basic and Elite. These variants eliminate user limitations by supplementing the needs of a specific client base.

Casual Bitcoin consumers or users can avail themselves of the perks of the Basic variant with an annual fee of $50. On the other hand, committed clients who have complex Bitcoin businesses and are big-time consumers can apply for the Elite variant that charges an annual fee of $100.

When it comes to bills payment, users can pay their monthly and annual bills using Bitcoin and other altcoins such as Paycoin. This feature grants users with hassle-free, time-friendly payment processes, which can be done in the comfort of their homes.

On another note, the first 1,000 applicants of CoinCard are granted limited edition cards that include free transaction fees with the exception of the cards’ annual dues. Pre-orders prove to be a great advantage for aspiring CoinCard bearers.

Benefits it brings to the Bitcoin casino market 

Warmly received by the Bitcoin community, the CoinCard innovation promises consumers and merchants more advantages, ensuring various sectors to benefit from the improvements it brings to the payment system. One of these beneficiaries is the Bitcoin casino market.

Bitcoin players can effectively organize their Bitcoin accounts through the aid of CoinCard. For instance, players of Princess Star, a Bitcoin casino that also caters to the conventional payment methods like MasterCard and other fiat money transfers, can efficiently pay or top up their account with the crypto-card at hand, should they wish to pay other than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casino Market

Moreover, CoinCard’s functionalities are not limited to Bitcoin casinos. Players from other cryptocurrency betting websites like VitalBet can also take full advantage of the card’s services by providing them with the same hassle-free Bitcoin transactions.

Not to say that the Bitcoin betting landscape lacks more online gambling venues, but the presence of a card that functions like a credit or debit card and is powered by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies simply enables more players to enjoy a wider scope of online Bitcoin games they can wager on.