Football Fever: Play Football Slots with Bitcoin

The Champions League and Europa League finals are about to come to an explosive end in just a few weeks. Now is the perfect time, therefore, to give different football slots a spin and aim to experience the same thrills of watching the football superstars score a goal.

There are several Bitcoin slot games that will continue to keep the football fever on a high. Play these football slots with Bitcoin and witness how these games can lead to big wins that are perfect for this season’s football league final matches.

Football: Champions Cup (NetEnt)

NetEnt’s take on the popular sport shows that many of the people behind the company are football fans. Football: Champions Cup captures the spirit of the Champions League with its artwork and background noise. What makes this NetEnt slot stand out is its penalty game bonus feature. Players take turns in shooting the ball onto the goal net and blocking the computer player from scoring a goal. Scoring a goal will give a money prize amount while blocking the ball will give a score multiplier.

NetEnt’s Football: Champions Cup slot and Microgaming’s Football Star slot

Another feature of the game is the blue and red wild symbols. Matching a symbol with the wild symbol that represents a player’s team allows him to advance to the tournament. Advancing to the finals of the tournament will give a large prize payout.

Football Star Slot (Microgaming)

Microgaming’s slot focuses on the players of the game by using football athletes and jerseys for its symbol. Football Star slot has a cascade reel feature that gets activated when a player makes a match. In this feature, the game removes all matched symbols and replaces it with new ones. When a player keeps making matches without spinning the reels during the scatter mode, he will get a score multiplier on his winnings. The highest possible multiplier during the scatter mode is 10x.

Another feature that makes this Microgaming football slot a must-play is its stacking wilds, which occur in scatter mode. The wild symbols in the game come in a stack where it is possible to fill out an entire reel with wilds. This makes it possible to get a match during the scatter mode when the score multiplier mechanic is running.

Euro Football Champ and Soccer Challenge (XIN Gaming)

The Euro Football Champ is a five-reel, 20-payline slot that features a unique penalty shooting mini game. Oddly enough, however, this game shares similar game mechanics as the Football: Champions Cup from NetEnt.

On another note, the most notable feature of this football slot from XIN Gaming is its team selection. Each team has an effect on the scattering mode of the game. One could give more free spins but with no score multiplier while another can offer a higher score multiplier and less free spins.

Meanwhile, another interesting and new football-themed slot that follows Euro Football Champ is the Soccer Challenge slot. This game a straightforward video slot that has five reels and 20 pay lines. It also features a jackpot prize, which players can trigger by matching five trophy symbols on the reel.