FortuneJack Outs LuckyJack Promo For Daily Rewards


Casino promos and bonuses are a familiar sight to many online gamblers. The competition in the online gambling world is cutthroat and each site wants to set themselves apart from others in the field. FortuneJack’s latest promo, LuckyJack, just ups the ante. This new offering from FortuneJack is sure to catch the attention of those who want to get the most out of their online gambling.

A way to reward players

FortuneJack has made a name for itself as an excellent place for online gamblers to have fun and get the most bang for their buck. The site has a wide range of betting options already available and has promos that should be attractive to anyone who is looking for a great place to play. This includes deposit bonuses and weekly promotions to encourage players to wager on the FortuneJack site.

LuckyJack 100 mBTC Prize

All of this is part of the FortuneJack team’s efforts to ensure that the players who spend their time at the site get the best deal out there. This includes improving the games found on the site by getting new licenses and games added to the site catalog. Additionally, minor improvements to the site’s interface are added to ensure that the players get the smoothest user experience possible.

Promotions and bonuses are also part of this and have been developed with an eye on keeping players happy. The LuckyJack promotion is just another in the long line of bonuses designed to ensure that players are rewarded for their playing. This makes players more loyal to the brand. All of these efforts make FortuneJack a highly competitive brand in the online gambling market.

How LuckyJack works

The LuckyJack promotion itself is pretty simple in how it works. Everyone who has a registered account with FortuneJack has a chance to get a piece of the pie. The site sets aside 1,000 mBTC daily as the prize fund for the promotion.

LuckyJack Promo

When a person deposits a minimum of 10 mBTC into their FortuneJack account, they can then just click the Try Luck button. Fortunate players can then win 100 mBTC, which is immediately added to their account if they win. These bitcoins are given without any additional terms.

Based on FortuneJack’s terms:

“Every day we choose 10 random players from the database and system distributes them among 10 winning spots. Players need to sign in to their account, enter the game and click the ‘Try Luck’ button, if players selected beforehand do not sign in to the game and click the “TRY LUCK” button, the prize fund intended for them will not be distributed. Maximum amount player can win per day is 100 mBTC, which will be credited to the account straight away, with no additional terms.”

The LuckyJack promo is an excellent reward for FortuneJack players and highlights how the team behind the site focuses on bringing a quality experience to its players.