FortuneJack Video Contest Rewards Huge Prizes

FortuneJack Video Promotion

FortuneJack remains constant in providing its supportive members with a lucrative and exciting gambling experience.

After a year of delivering impressive gambling services and contributing to the overall stability of the Bitcoin gambling industry, this leading cryptocurrency casino is ready to welcome next year with a bang.

Similar to most Bitcoin casinos, FortuneJack is currently offering an exclusive promotional offer to go with this year’s holiday. However, FortuneJack’s holiday bonus is not the typical ones that give out extra funds or in-house perks.

Unlike the other Bitcoin holiday promotions that require wagers, FortuneJack presents a one-of-a-kind gambling bonus offer that only requires its participants to have creative skills and wide imagination.

Win lucrative amounts of Bitcoin through creativity

The FortuneJack Video Contest does not involve wagering on any of the Bitcoin games on board. It simply requires creating a video that highlights the best features and services that are distinctively FortuneJack.

FortuneJack Bitcoin Prizes

Those interested in joining the contest must first sign up and become a full-fledged member of this casino to become an eligible participant. Players who are not yet members can still secure an account since this Bitcoin casino is accepting entries until Jan. 15 next month.

Other than earning a brand new experience in the Bitcoin gambling market, winners will receive overwhelming amounts of Bitcoin prizes.

The grand winner for this FortuneJack campaign will receive a total of 10 BTC while the first and second runners up will win a Bitcoin prize worth 7 BTC and 4 BTC, respectively. Seven participants whose video entries that finish in fourth place will equally share the prize pool of 3 BTC, and the 20 other participants settling for the fifth place will also receive their equal share of the 3 BTC prize pool.

Likewise, a winner of the special Jack’s Favorite award will be handpicked based on the video’s creativity, not on the number of views it received.

With the huge Bitcoin prizes up for grabs, it is vividly clear that the FortuneJack Video Promotion is one of the most generous casino offers today.

Imagination is the limit

FortuneJack accepts any video concept as long as it will feature its main assets like its Bitcoin casino bonus deals, affiliate program, and the various special features like the FortuneJack Bitcoin exchange and its cryptocurrency purchase system. In addition, entries must discuss any three of the games available in the online casino.

YouTube Video Contest

Every video must also carry FortuneJack’s tagline ‘why look for fortune elsewhere,’ must have a video quality not below 480p, and must run for at least three minutes and at most 15 minutes.

When it comes to the content, videos should not have any offensive material, such as profanity, violence, or any degrading elements. It must also be emphasized that participants should follow the copyright law and should not mention any brand or use any logo other than the FortuneJack banner.

Each entry is subject for evaluation. All passing videos will be uploaded to YouTube and partakers will receive an email from the casino’s moderators, informing them that their entries made the cut.

Finally, the viewing of the videos will run from Jan.15 to Feb. 26 next year. Winners will be determined by the number of views their entries have accumulated during the allotted period for the contest.

The video that has accumulated at least 7,000 views will rank as third, while the entry that has made over 10,000 views will be crowned as the runner-up. The video that generates 15,000 views or more will be the rightful owner of the 10 BTC prize.