FreeBitcoins’ 1M Giveaway Complements Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Free Bitcoins

Calling all Bitcoin casino enthusiasts!

The new website FreeBitcoins recently announced its philanthropic mission to give away free bitcoins to the first one million visitors as a way to further promote the digital currency.

Although targeted at individuals who wish to learn more about Bitcoin, this campaign also welcomes cryptocurrency users like online bettors looking to increase their wallet’s value for free.

Founder Lukas Gilkey said:

“We created a site that’s simply about putting bitcoins in the hands of anyone who wants them because bitcoin needs wider adoption for it to be successful. We want bitcoin as a currency to succeed, and what better way to promote it than giving it away and making it fun?”

From March to April, those who registered their email on the website will receive free bitcoins, ranging
from a Satoshi to a full BTC, on a daily basis.

Interested individuals must simply visit the website as many times as they want in order to receive several bits. Moreover, they can perform tasks such as sharing via email, posting on Twitter and following FreeBitcoins, and posting and liking on Facebook among others to earn more bitcoins.

FreeBitcoinsOnline bettors to benefit from the giveaway

Granted that even long-time Bitcoin users can join FreeBitcoins’ offering, casino players are poised to be at the advantage as they can boost their bankroll through this generous campaign.

Apart from the freebies offered by this website, Bitcoin casino players can also tap the different means they can earn bonuses from their favorite gambling sites.

There is a host of Bitcoin casino bonus deals in store, together with Bitcoin faucets that are featured on select cryptocurrency-powered betting platforms. Therefore, FreeBitcoins’ rewards are guaranteed to transform the online gambling experience to become more exciting and lucrative as they complement the player-friendly bonuses and promotions.

FreeBitcoins’ campaign follows the footsteps of the Bitcoin casino market

Bitcoin adoption is seen as an important factor in the success of the cryptocurrency, and the online gambling industry is one of the effective media that spearheads this campaign.

The Bitcoin casino market attracts numerous individuals to become involved in the digital currency and to wager bitcoins. Similar to FreeBitcoins success story to indulge more users, the Bitcoin casino games also serve as the gateway for more people to explore the wonders Bitcoin can bring to society.