FreeBitcoins Excites Industry with $150K Funding

FreeBitcoins Success

Bitcoin-based startup FreeBitcoins has received a groundbreaking $150,000 worth of funds from a single investor during the debut of its crowdfunding campaign. Aiming to reach a total a $500,000, the company marks another milestone with the recent funding that covers almost 30 percent of the desired goal.

Moreover, FreeBitcoins is currently sealing advertising deals with some of the largest Bitcoin players in the industry—a would-be addition to the company’s roster of successful ventures.

Since the company started, it has made a significant impact on the industry by giving away free bitcoins to the first one million visitors to their site. The startup also claims to be the fastest growing company in the history of Bitcoin, garnering up to 150,000 users in just 30 days.

Game plan success                      

FreeBitcoins founder Lukas Gilkey shared in an interview published online the preparations done in order to achieve the surprising amounts of donations for their crowdfunding campaign.

According to him, the company has made pre-campaign publicity stunts geared toward outside investors and has gained positive reactions:

“We have been publicizing that we would be seeking outside investors and had some very positive feedback and interest before we went on Crowdfunder. So going into it, we knew we would raise some money pretty quickly. We are still looking to reach our goal of $500k on Crowdfunder and potentially another $500k from private VC or investors outside of it as well. The money will be used to develop ground breaking apps, games and extensions that are in unison with our model of giving away as many free Bitcoin as possible.”

On another hand, offering free bitcoins to users, this Bitcoin faucet has also stepped up their game by integrating new features that ensure continued support from their clients.

A Google Chrome extension was developed to allow users to collect free bitcoins by completing mazes that are mapped through webpages from different websites. This feature is unique to FreeBitcoins, enabling users to ‘mine’ the digital currency while having fun.

Moreover, the company eyes partnerships with Bitcoin big-time players such as BitReserve,, and in order to spread a more widespread knowledge of their company and services.

Partnership grants more accessibility for Bitcoin gamblers

As per Gilkey, the partnership with these Bitcoin giants is a win-win situation. He emphasized that it intensifies the Internet by providing customers with real BTC in order to do a certain action, and at the same time, gain more Internet traffic for advertisers via engaged customers.

That being said, their partnership with Bitcoin casino titan,, promises a bright future for the industry, as well as for bettors who enjoy playing a selection of Bitcoin games online.

Online bettors can now have an option to further increase their funds by using FreeBitcoins’ service while having the convenience of not spending a dime. This they can enjoy better when paired with the attractive Bitcoin casino bonus deals offered in the said online casino.

Moreover, the Bitcoin gambling industry’s population will boost due to the hand-in-hand advertising collaboration between FreeBitcoins and, resulting in a more versatile Bitcoin industry.

With everything laid on their respective places, it is evident that the FreeBitcoins success can greatly affect the tides of the Bitcoin industry, especially the Bitcoin gambling branch. With the startup offering Bitcoin to everyone as its flagship agenda, it is now certain that the dawn of this cryptocurrency is within reach.