Game Providers Bring 3 New Football-Themed Slots

Football-Themed Slots

Forget about baseball or basketball, football is the world’s favorite game. With fans from all parts of the world, the entire globe loves watching men kick balls through goal posts. Though the World Cup is still two years away, what is happening this year should be enough to rouse the interest of any fan.

First, there is the Euro 2016. To be played until July 10, 24 teams from all over Europe will be clashing to see who wins this tournament that only happens once every four years, making it an important tournament for many people. Second, there is the Copa America Centenario. A special one-off tournament to celebrate a hundred years of Copa America, it will have the football teams of the American continents together for a competition to remember.

Though many would like to attend these games personally, that is not entirely possible. Avid fans can console themselves with a series of three football-themed slots from the best game developers in the world. Released in commemoration of the recent games, they should be enough to satisfy any hardcore football fan.


Football: Champions Cup slot is the offering from NetEnt. When a player starts playing the game, it is obvious that the game was designed with the intense national teams in Euro 2016. Players pick out a national flag when they begin, and this represents the country that they will be playing. The game itself is a simple five-reel, three-row slot game and uses the basic symbols but uses icons like the goalkeeper’s glove or the team shirt for the specials.

Football: Champions Cup Slot

The fun really starts when players who get three bonus symbols to combine get to take a bonus game. Players choose one of four goal positions to try and kick the ball through, and then they are asked to stop a goal from being scored. This is done five times to maximize the bonuses. Additional bonuses include free spins for more earnings.

XIN Gaming

The Asian developer XIN Gaming also has a football offering. Sharing several few traits with NetEnt’s product, it features five reels and three rows. Players spin the reels in hopes of getting a good combination of various football symbols. Bonuses like free spins and additional points are offered. The most attractive feature is the penalty shot game, which is like that found in NetEnt’s game with just minor differences. The great graphics and audio make it a blast to play, similar to the other XIN Gaming slots.


Endorphina has released the Football slot to capitalize on the football fever. This one is more of a romp, with smiling goalkeeper gloves and frowning yellow cards. It is a pretty standard five-reel, three-row slot game as well, but the difference is that there are 21 pay lines and that every winning combination can be risked to be doubled on a turn of a card. The game is a fun diversion and quite relaxing to play.

Football Slot

These slot games should satisfy football fans out there as they watch their favorite teams play. The fact that these three game content providers developed new online slots specifically for the Euro 2016 and the football seasons says a lot about the popularity of the sport across the world.

Players can catch these Bitcoin slots in select Bitcoin casinos and begin spinning the reels to experience the football fever even in the comfort of their home.