Game-Specific Cryptocoins Take Center Stage

Game-Specific Cryptocurrency

As technology continues to thrive through the years, several industries garnered monumental developments that fortified their structure. Online gaming is one of them.

Starting off as a niche, this particular department flourished and built an enterprise on the rising demand among the expansive community of online gamers.

With the success of iGaming, this becomes a channel for cryptocurrencies to reach a wider audience and promote global adoption. Bitcoin in iGaming becomes a golden opportunity for the cryptocurrency, thereby giving rise to the maturing sector of Bitcoin gambling.

Cryptocurrencies specifically designed for online gaming

Although cryptocurrencies are specifically made to alleviate the hindrances of conventional transactions, the majority of mainstream consumers are still unaware of its trading process.

Fortunately, online gaming has enabled users to understand the advantages and effectiveness of these digital assets through the utilization of these game-specific cryptocurrency.

eSports, one of the most dominant branches in online gaming, finds the appropriate digital currency in the form of HYPER.

HYPER is essentially made to function as the in-game currency for competitive games like MMOs, Counter Strike, Minecraft, StarMade, Team Fortress, Zandagort, and more.

Through the utilization of this gaming cryptocurrency, online gamers are able to fluidly conduct transfers, in-game purchases, and enjoy the experience of playing online.

In addition, users who continue to use HYPER are given exclusive rewards that yield incentives. This reward system is established in order maintain the decentralized network of the coin.

On another hand, GameCredits (GMC) is another digital currency specifically made for online gaming. Although both HYPER and GameCredits are used for the same gaming genre, the latter is more focused on kid-friendly games.

That being said, younger audiences will not only be able to experience a more convenient in-game transaction process, but they are also bound to familiarize themselves with the world cryptocurrency at an early age.

Finally, Breakout Coin or BRO Coin is explicitly focused on online gambling like poker. This will also support and promote the spread of Bitcoin games in the iGaming industry. Through its micro transaction-enabled format and its seamless transaction process, users will effectively place wagers on their favorite online gambling games with full security while keeping everything simple. Breakout Gaming, however, is yet to fully showcase its products to the public.

Game-specific crypto aids Bitcoin acknowledgement on the mainstream

Considering that the number of online gaming users continues to rise, these game-specific cryptocurrencies may soon flourish and become more than just in-game currencies.

This positive possibility greatly benefits the acknowledgement of Bitcoin in the mainstream market. After all, users are given first-hand accounts on how transactions using these cryptocurrency work. Therefore, moving to Bitcoin will certainly be a piece of cake.

Regardless of their specifications, these game-specific cryptocurrencies still share one common denominator with Bitcoin, and that is to conduct secure, effective, and hassle-free remittances.