How Gamification Transforms Online Gambling

Online casinos are looking for new gamification methods to bring in new players and encourage existing ones to keep visiting their websites. This method looks to making players feel rewarded and involved when making a deposit as well as playing the games.

Das Ist Casino Adventure promotion is one example of how casinos can gamify the experience. The concept of the casino’s Adventure promotion is simple and rewarding to any of the site’s players.

Gamification in the gambling industry

Gamification is about rewarding a player for any of his actions to a certain degree. Casinos have been gamifying its experience almost ever since the earliest slot machines came by.

Das Ist Casino gamifies how players can earn more bonuses

The rewards do not have to be financial or anything physical. This could be a flashy display on the screen with accompanying upbeat music. Even early slot machines give players an auditory reward for getting a payout. It indirectly does this by the clanging of coins in the receiving slot of the machines. This sound is iconic to every slot machines ever made that many of today’s digital slots make use of the sound effect.

Today, online casinos are doing more in gamifying its offer than just offer an auditory or visual reward. One classic example is the VIP program. The program rewards players with points for betting a certain amount on qualifying games or when a player makes a deposit to his account. When a player collects enough points, he reaches the next VIP level. This will give him a set of rewards as well as a viewable profile status that he can show to everyone.

This system provides enough motivation for a player to keep on making wagers and visiting the casino. However, the concept of a VIP system is far too common these days. A player might not even be aware of the amount of points he has or his VIP level.

Recently, casinos are finding ways to make the gamification experience more personal. Some Bitcoin casino and other betting sites are incorporating story progression to its rewards. The more bets or deposits a player make, the more he progresses in the story.

Start an adventure in Das Ist Casino

One good example of a gamification experience that offers a story like progression is the Das Ist Casino Adventure promotion. The promo works just like a VIP program where players earn comp points by playing any of the qualifying games of the casino. Earning a certain amount of points will unlock a land of Germany.

Each land provides different rewards when a player unlocks them. Unlocking Schleswig-Holstein or the very first land will give 20 free spins for two slots. When a player reaches Berlin or has unlocked all of the lands, he receives a special reward from Das Ist Casino.

While the adventure promo may seem like a VIP program, the presentation of the system provides a different perspective in rewarding a player. Instead of making the player feel like a high roller, the program will make a player feel like he is playing a board game. This makes completing the lands feel slightly more rewarding to some people.