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Gaming Africa 2017: 5 Talks You Should Not Miss

Gaming Africa is all set to welcome next week key industry players to a two-day event focusing on the region’s gaming industry. As the Clarion Gaming-produced event draws nearer, attendees should already have a solid agenda at hand.

Running from Oct. 24 to 25, Gaming Africa offers several programs that are worth checking out. Some of the programs provide a deep insight into Africa’s gaming market which can help operators who are looking to expand their business to this market. Clarion Events promises interesting talks in Gaming Africa, and here are five topics that should interest even the Bitcoin casino market.

Overview: Africa’s Growing Economy

Gaming Africa 2017 offers a rich program for attendeesThe first program of Gaming Africa is one of the recommended sessions to join. This program provides a deeper look at the current economic environment of the region. This includes Africa’s employment rates, infrastructure, education, and technical advances. Operators or affiliates can get a good grasp of what their target audiences in the region are looking for on a gambling site.

The speaker of the program is John Kamara, director for Global Gaming Africa. Kamara has worked with regulatory bodies in the iGaming industry and has been a co-founder of two iGaming companies.

Does Being Responsible Pay

This Gaming Africa 2017 program talks about how responsible gaming can lead to a successful and sustainable industry. Responsible gaming can be achieved through player protection and the right regulatory framework. Speakers will tackle the obstacles of responsible gaming and how a license can benefit an operator.

Four of the big named personalities in the industry are speakers for the program. This includes Susan O’Leary, CEO of Alderney eGambling, and Andre Wilsenach, executive director of the International Center for Gaming Regulation office.

Affiliates 101 for the African Market

The iGaming market is currently in its early stages in the African region. There are many parts of the region that have yet to be tapped into by any online gambling company. This program talks about how African operators can use the European affiliate model that found success in the EU market. It will show how affiliate work and how operators can benefit from it.

There are two speakers for this program. Joseph Oyekunle, African representative of Sirplay, and Benjamin Carlotti, managing director of Oulala.

DFS: History, Growth, and its Potential

This program gives an overview of the daily fantasy sports market in America and Europe. Speakers will explore the possibilities of DFS in the African region and if there is a demand for it. There will be a discussion on the best practices in offering DFS in the market. The two speakers from the ‘Affiliates 101 for the African Market’ will present this program.

Anti-Money Laundering and Sports Industry

Two of the obstacles of the iGaming industry around the globe are money laundering and cheating in sports. The program will offer key solutions that can tackle these obstacles in order for the iGaming market to find success in the African market.

Michael Meadon, Enterprise Solutions & GRC Market Development lead for Thomson Reuters, is the speaker for this program. Meadon also worked with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals and IIR South Africa.



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