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Georgia Gaming Conference All Set For 2016

Despite the negative allegations that are constantly being tagged to the gambling market, a number of countries are known to respect the potentials of this industry to be part of the mainstream financial sector. Georgia is among these pro-gambling advocates.

Other than possessing an impeccable perspective in regard to business reforms and liberalization, Georgia is identified to be one of the leaders in the development in the gambling sector.

Due to its steadfast support for the online and offline gambling industries, this country is fit to be next year’s host of the biggest gaming conference in 2016.

Georgia Gaming Congress is packed with an all-star cast

The Georgia Gaming Congress will be held on Feb. 25 in the country’s capital, Tbilisi.

Organized by the Smile-Expo company, this 2016 gaming conference promises to be more extravagant compared to the previous conferences held by the same organizer due to the array of programs and speakers on deck.

Included in the program are various operators of online and offline casinos, investors, industry experts, land-based gambling manufacturers, iGaming developers, and even government officials and legislative representatives.

Land-Based and iGaming Industries

More than having an all-star roster of speakers, the Georgia Gaming Congress will tackle a diverse set of topics that would benefit the development of the whole gambling industry moving forward.

Matters regarding the methods of gambling business developments, fresh areas of online gaming, and different features of the gaming business in Georgia, gambling marketing strategies, and even the laws that govern the industry will be covered in this one-day event.

The Georgia Gaming Conference 2016 aims to not only display the current progress of the industry, but to also shell out suggestions from various experts to be able to effectively execute the positive progress of gambling in the future vis-à-vis the newest trends and developments in the gaming world.

Another notable fact about this gathering is that the gaming conference is also organized in such a way it would be a more interactive event.

A demo area is provided for manufacturers to display and present their new products, together with the showcase of new and effective online gambling solutions from the participating software providers.

Speakers and participants will be able to unwind VIP-style as the Georgia Gaming Congress has a networking party setup in one of the finest restaurants in Tbilisi. This day-ender activity is a great opportunity for the guests to interact and converse with industry players outside the business environment.

Bitcoin in Mainstream Gambling

Gaming conferences aid uplift status of Bitcoin gambling

Following a series of conferences that are focused on gambling, it is vividly clear that the gambling industry is one of the fastest booming departments in today’s mainstream landscape.

Moreover, one of these previous conferences like the Belarus Gaming Congress, which took place in October this year made distinct move by focusing on the development of the Bitcoin gambling industry as well as Bitcoin’s potential role in the gaming sector in general. The two-day congress featured the CEOs of SoftSwiss and, two of the top Bitcoin casino software providers in today’s market.

The end goal of Bitcoin is to garner mainstream status and through these Bitcoin gambling conferences and gatherings, Bitcoin is constantly gaining ground in the minds of mainstream users.

The Belarus Gaming Congress with Bitcoin being discussed is certainly an opportunity not only for the Bitcoin gambling market, but for the whole Bitcoin ecosystem. The idea of Bitcoin as part of the new trends in gambling may share the center stage as Georgia Gaming Congress opens next year.



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