Go Game Uses Bitcoin But Not Yet For Online Gaming

Go Game Bitcoin

Bitcoin casino bettors are not the only ones benefiting from the Bitcoin technology as Go game enthusiasts from all over the world can also enjoy playing through the virtual currency.

The popular ancient Chinese board game now takes advantage of the convenience Bitcoin offers with Go Game Guru, the largest online source of English news and commentaries about the Go game, accepting Bitcoin as one of the payment methods featured on its website.

However, Bitcoin bettors, who are also fans or are interested in this game, will not yet able to play them online and win bitcoins because Go Game Guru only accepts the digital currency for purchases made for its tangible Go game equipment like sets, boards, stones, and bowls through the services offered by Coinbase.

“If you’d like to pay with Bitcoin, you can just proceed through the normal checkout process and select your preferred payment method when asked. You’ll be redirected to the Coinbase payment gateway to complete your payment,” according to the announcement posted on its website.

The future of Go game in this Bitcoin casino industry, though, is not far-fetched because recent innovations in the field of online gaming development have resulted in several state-of-the-art online games also powered by the digital currency. In fact, some Bitcoin casino games already employ the mechanics used by the top favorite social and mobile puzzle games.

With numerous new games being produced by top-notch casino gaming software providers online, Go game aficionados may not only use Bitcoin to purchase gaming equipment but may also soon play against online players on the other side of the world via Bitcoin payments.

Although the game of Go has not fully made its presence felt on the online Bitcoin casino gambling scene, the acceptance of Bitcoin payments through the Go Game Guru store is a great sign of the early Bitcoin adoption of the traditional game and its enthusiasts.