GoCoin Set to Make New Records in Bitcoin Ecosystem Come 2015

Go CoinGoCoin eyes 2015 as the year for its business to expand and grow to become a key player in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Dubbed as the first international payment platform that caters to Bitcoin and emerging digital currencies, GoCoin continues to imprint its name across various industries that adopt cryptocurrency. Included in the network of companies that rely on the expertise and experience of this payment platform are Shopify, Hustler Magazine, and CheapAir.

However, perhaps the most remarkable achievement GoCoin managed this year was when its services was validated after PayPal chose the international payment platform as one of the processers that make possible the Bitcoin integration.

Cozy Games accepts cryptocurrency paymGoCoinents

Staying true to its mission to encompass a larger share of the Bitcoin market, GoCoin also made headlines after equipping Cozy Games, an iGaming operator, with the payment solution that enables the former to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin payments.

This partnership enables Cozy Games to become the first regulated online gaming operator that accepts cryptocurrency payments asidefrom the more popular Bitcoin.

Cozy Games, which has more than 90 games that are fit for a Bitcoin casino, will benefit from the solutions provided by GoCoin, namely reduced costs related to credit card transactions, cross-border fees, and chargebacks, more importantly.

New market demands signal new coins

With enough support from KnCMiner, ZoomHash, and GAW, GoCoin is set to broaden its services even more. In fact, CEO Steve Beauregard believes it is essential to cater to new cryptocurrencies since the Bitcoin market continues to develop.

In line with the evolution expected to occur in 2015, the demands of the merchants as well as those of the customers are expected to change too.

With some of the major cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin already optimized with the payment solution offered, GoCoin is set to conquer more developments in the months to come.

GoCoin’s possible impact on the Bitcoin casino market

The first move to power an online gambling operator marks the start of a budding partnership between GoCoin and the Bitcoin gambling industry. Likewise, with new coins expected to be supported by this payments platform, more cryptocurrency users are bound to play the variety of Bitcoin games in different online casinos—new and old—available on the market.

While the GoCoin’s stronger presence on the Bitcoin gambling scene is yet to formally begin, there is nothing wrong in hoping that this will be one of the new offerings GoCoin will highlight in 2015.