Good Girl Bad Girl Slots Graces Betcoin Casino

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Betcoin Casino has further beefed up its Bitcoin slots catalog with its addition of the Good Girl Bad Girl slots provided by Betsoft. Newly released on the platform, this game adds variety to the games hosted on the Bitcoin casino through its unique gameplay, taking on the role as one of the key factors to generate more placed bets and players in the Bitcoin casino.

Regarded by many online slot enthusiasts as innovative and truly a game changer, the 3D slot game boasts a distinct feature that makes it arguably the first to use the dual math models, enabling players to choose to either play Good or Bad or a combination of the two. Packed with other noteworthy features, this game, however, has a mix of favorable and disappointing reviews from actual players themselves.

The 5-reel, 30-line Good Girl Bad Girl slots won the hearts of bettors with its ability to provide a breath of fresh air amid the immensely growing number of Bitcoin casino games. The new kind of online slot betting it presents is the primary reason that numerous bettors are drawn to it.

However, certain players have a different opinion about the game.

Despite the high-quality 3D graphics and smooth animations, some bettors are not impressed when it comes to its aesthetics. They reason the game’s visual aspects are terrible and are far from the trademark of the Betsoft-produced video slots.

Displeased players also went to the extent of calling the gameplay rather boring despite the presence of extra game features like the Money Wheel and the Wild symbols. They even pointed out how difficult it is to win, and therefore, to enjoy in this slot game as compared to the other slots from the same creator.

How the Betcoin Casino players will receive this new Bitcoin slot game is yet to be seen, though.

Aside from the mentioned features, the Good Girl Bad Girl slot game also comes with progressive jackpots that can be achieved through the Moneywheel Bonus Round.