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GTC Casino Stresses Ingenuity in Gambling Services

GTC Casino emphasizes the importance of original and inventive ideas, solutions, and products to make it stand out in the GTC and BTC online gaming markets.

GTC Casino

GTC Casino is one of the unique gambling platforms in the cryptocurrency market mainly because it functions on Bitcoin and GoldenTowns Coin, and that it features online gaming solutions and Bitcoin games that are designed from scratch.

Operated by Mircea Milica or also known as KILLAM in the GoldenTowns community, GTC Casino promises to add variety to the growing Bitcoin casino market. I spoke with him to know more about GTC Casino, his experience with his business, and his plans for his brand.

What’s your inspiration behind GTC Casino?

I play GoldenTowns, the source for GTC. I noticed that the only way to use GTC is to develop your town. Then the admin of GoldenTowns launched a dice game called, which to me looked like crap. No offense to him. So a full casino seemed like the logical next step. I found a programming company, which is Pixio, to do all the programming as I am not a tech guy and started this project.

GTC Casino QuoteI’ve seen the site. How long did it take you to launch GTC Casino?

It is still a work in progress. Last module for poker and poker tournaments are scheduled for October 15th; shares market on October 30th. First programming started on February 1st, so quite a while. But, I used the hard way of programming the casino from scratch. If you want, you can make a casino in two weeks by buying ready-made modules and patching them together. It will look like crap, work like crap, but it will work.

If you were to choose a few outstanding features of your brand, what would they be?

There are two aspects that I did not find in other casinos: first of all the social aspect. Both poker and roulette have a chat system so players can talk to each other about the game or other things. Second is the shareholder program. That means I only will own 50% of the casino. The rest is owned by players who like the casino and want a passive income. So they buy shares and get a piece of the profits.

Do you consider these ground-breaking or innovative?

The only innovative aspects are the shareholder program and the fact that there are two communities playing on the same platform–GTC community and BTC community.

Indeed. Given that both GTC and BTC are accepted here, are there plans to accept Dogecoin and Litecoin or even include alternative payment options?

At the moment it is not in the plan. But plans are made on the go, so I cannot say for sure. But next in line is Maskcoin, which is a new crypto designed by the same admin as GTC, but it is not yet ready to use so I cannot say when it will be implemented.

GTC Casino QuoteYou’ve been very hands on with this project, can you tell me the most surprising challenge that you’ve encountered in the process?

Finding a programming company to do all the casino work. I wanted a company that I can trust. Not one I found over the Internet.

How about the perks of operating GTC Casino? What would they be?

I would say the best part of it is creating a community around the project. Apart the financial aspect, I made a ton of new friends and cemented the relations I had with older ones. Also I am generally looking for investment opportunities. The casino provides the customers for them.

Since you operate GTC Casino, which is an online gambling platform, what are your views on the online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legalities?

At the moment, there is a void. Basically, from a legal standpoint, I am not running a gambling site. I am running an entertainment site as I am not selling chips to players. They play with their own. It’s like opening a land-based casino that uses matchsticks for chips.

What can we expect from GTC Casino in the months to come, though? Any plans yet?

Steady development and fun, but first order of business is to finish the casino. Then comes the advertise part. After that I intend to grow as much as I can. The programmers work every day. How the casino will be expanded after that, I will see.

Can you share any advice to the other operators or individuals wanting to enter this business?

Do not cut corners. There are hundreds of casinos that were made by patching together various modules and look like crap as there is no unity in the design.

Before we close, I’m sure everyone is eager to know how secure your platform is.

Apart from some security I will not divulge, the fact that it was written from scratch, without copying modules from the net, makes it very difficult to crack. Of course there is no such thing as impossible to crack, but, still it is quite safe.

Very well. Thank you for your time and good luck with GTC Casino!



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