Habanero’s The Dead Escape Slots Features Zombie Hordes

The Dead Escape slots from Habanero will take players deep into a zombie apocalyptic world but with large payouts. The most notable feature of the game is its horrific graphics and sounds.

This new Habanero slots has some interesting features such as it’s ‘play both ways’. One interesting feature is its scatter mode which has a dynamic wild symbol mechanic. Players can catch this game any Bitcoin casino that has Habanero titles in its library such as Happistar Casino.

The Dead Escape slots features

Habanero launches The Dead Escape Slots

The Dead Escape slots has a ‘Play Both Ways’ feature that lets players match symbols going from left to right and right to left. With the 5×3 grid, the feature allows the slots to have 30 pay lines.

This slot’s interesting feature lies within the scatter mode which a player can trigger by having three or more pickup truck symbols appear on the reels. This is where players can trigger the ‘Dead/Escape’ feature.

When a character and a zombie are next to each other, a coin will flip to determine if the character dies or escapes. If the character dies, they become another wild symbol. Should the character escape, the zombie expands and fills one entire reel.

Horror theme on The Dead Escape slots

This new slots from Habanero has a checklist of everything a zombie-themed game should have. This includes severed body parts, biohazard warning signs, survivors, and zombies itself. The Dead Escape slots has it all with play cards symbol acting as the low-paying symbol of the game.

While the zombie theme is hardly new in this time when many software providers are going for a Walking Dead-themed slot, Habanero is leaning more on the horror aspect of zombies. The animation of the slots is close to a jump scare moment.

For example, zombie wild symbols that appear on the reels will shake unnaturally and let out a sharp growl. When triggering the scatter mode of the game, players are treated to an animation of the two main characters of the game driving behind a truck. Without warning, a zombie will jump up to the windshield and give out a startling screech.

One moment when The Dead Escape slots dives deep into uncomfortable horror depth is the scatter mode feature. When the main character stops in the reel with a zombie stopping just beside them, the game activates the ‘Dead/Escape’ feature. This feature has an outcome where the character dies and turns into a zombie. Players can experience the gory details of this outcome as an artwork of a character being surrounded by zombies is shown before the character slowly morphs into a zombie. George Romero fans or anyone looking for a thrill before Halloween is sure to enjoy The Dead Escape slots from Habanero.

Moreover, the dynamic wild feature works in conjunction with the ‘play both ways’. Players will get more chances in matching more symbols when the ‘Dead/Escape’ feature is in play. This is a perfect addition to the Habanero slots portfolio as the software provider continues expansion to Europe and Asia.