Habanero’s Panda Panda Slot Pays 243 Lines Both Ways

Habanero showcases its latest Panda Panda slot in this year’s G2E Asia. Attendants at The Venetian Macau will get a chance to get a firsthand experience of Panda Panda slot from Habanero in the game content provider’s booth.

Panda Panda is a new online slot that plays around the duality of the Yin and Yang. It does this by adding duality features, such as the option to play on both sides of the reel. This new slot adds another factor to push Habanero to lead the market.

Panda Panda slot details

The Panda Panda slot from Habanero has a Play on Both sides feature. Most slots only allow a player to create a match starting from the left side of the reels going toward the right side. In this slot, players can create a match from both left to right and right to left. This feature has the ability to double the payout of players who can match five symbols.

Panda Panda slot from Habanero pays wins both ways

Another feature that has a duality theme to it is the stacked wilds. The panda symbols with a green background are the wild symbols of the game. If a player catches a match, the symbols might transform to show two pandas sitting back to back. Stacked wilds act as if there are two wild symbols in the reel.

The slot’s scatter symbol is a close up of a panda’s face that looks like a Yin and Yang symbol. During the scatter mode, a scatter symbol will roam around the reels and turn into a wild symbol. The wild symbol in the scatter mode is always stacked.

This Bitcoin slot is also set to be one of Habanero’s progressive slots. This can be seen in the preview video where there is a jackpot bar at the top of the reels. There are no specific details yet on how to trigger or win the progressive jackpot. If Panda Panda’s jackpot has the same mechanic as its other games such as Gangsters, the jackpot might be triggered by random and players will need to set a specific bet amount to qualify for the prize.

Panda Panda graphics and sounds

The graphics of Panda Panda slot from Habanero is incredibly detailed. The cherry blossom waterfall background has some fireflies dancing in the air. These fireflies can also be seen in the bamboo forest background during the scatter mode. The dancing lights make the back feel alive and fluid.

Panda Panda slot’s animation is also topnotch. The transformation of the wild symbol into a dual panda symbol is smooth. Wild symbols that did not turn into a stacked symbol still show its charm if a player makes a match with it. The symbol will show a panda nibbling on a piece of bamboo. The big win is quite a spectacle where gold coins will rain down a bamboo forest while pandas slide down the bamboo. All of this contributes to the overall charm of the slot.

With the new game from Habanero poised to excite panda lovers and slot fans alike, many Bitcoin casinos will be quick to add this game to their library. Players can catch this Bitcoin slot at HappiStar and 1xBit, among other real-money and Bitcoin casinos in today’s market.