HappiStar Launches World’s Strongest Championship Bonus

HappiStar’s Happi Live Casino World’s Strongest Championship Bonus event is in full swing this month as HappiStar celebrates the successful launch of the Happi Live Games in the casino.

The newest bonus event of the no.1 mobile casino in Asia will run throughout the month of July. High ranking players will receive $15,000 worth of actual merchandises as their prizes, including a 27-inch iMac Retina.

World’s Strongest Championship Bonus details

Happi Live Casino World’s Strongest Championship Bonus

HappiStar’s live game tournament runs from July 7 to 31. Participants of the event will compete with one another for the total amount of bet placed on any of the Happi Live Casino games. These games include Bitcoin blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, and roulette. The event also applies to the special Playboy baccarat table from Microgaming.

There are three leaderboard categories for the event. These are the Biggest Winners, Biggest Losers, and Highest Total Bet Amount. The top three ranking players of any of the categories for each day are entitled to 20 free spins.

After the first half of the World’s Strongest Championship Bonus event, the top 10 players will receive a 100% match bonus. The bonus has a limit of $2,000 and has a wagering requirement of 15 times.

More importantly, three first-place ranking players will receive a 27-inch iMac with Retina display. The three second-place ranking players will get a Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. Third place winners will get a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan/Heater.

Every HappiStar player can participate in the event. In order to join, a player will need to email the casino’s support team the following details.

  1. The word ‘World’s Strongest’
  2. Player’s username

Players will need to send this to the support email cs@happistar.com. This is essential because the support team will not accept this request via the live chat support.

Event terms and conditions

Players who want to participate will need to ensure they are using one account with one IP address. HappiStar management will fortify a player’s participation or any prizes won if it shares the same IP address as another player. However, it is alright for a player to be on two or more different IP addresses.

Those who are planning on emailing the support team to join the event will need to use the same address they used to register to the casino. A player’s participation email will be rejected by the support team if it comes from an email that is not registered to the casino.

Meanwhile, the free spins are applicable to specified games in the HappiStar casino section. Any winnings acquired through the free spins are withdrawable by meeting the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is 35 times the bonus amount.

HappiStar’s Happi Live Casino World’s Strongest Championship Bonus promo serves as the casino’s generous way of treating members to a massive live game event that rewards luxurious prizes.