Has Bitcoin Dice Become the New Slots?

Bitcoin Dice

Online casinos and sportsbooks are enjoying such high popularity, Bitcoin dice is more so. It continues to stay on top of the list of favorite games online and generates a large influx of both bettors and wagers even on an average day.

Playing Bitcoin dice is a great source of the daily dose of fun and excitement, and the avid bettors are aware of this. That is why numerous transactions made in the network can be traced to have connection with Bitcoin dice platforms that continue to take the spotlight in the online gambling market.

Pioneer SatoshiDice and the other amazing websites like SatoshiBones and Betcoin Dice are among the list of the most popular dice games as these are the brands that appear to be the latest crowd favorites per the recent transactions over at Blockchain.info.

What is more interesting, though, is that bettors never seem to quit rolling the dice, and this is not just the case for one platform only. Almost in every hour, several players bet their bitcoins on the said dice games, and the same scenario happens each day.

However, while this plainly shows how Bitcoin dice is gradually taking over the online gambling center stage and stealing the limelight from the likes of slots, it cannot be helped to not notice that the majority of the transactions, if not all, are practically in millibitcoins.

Now, does this make the dice bettors seem lacking in bitcoins? Not at all.

Most Bitcoin dice platforms operate with small bets since minimum wagers of up to 0.000003 BTC are allowed, as in the case of Betcoin Dice. This works to the advantage of the websites in several ways as a matter of fact.

One of which is it makes the game more attractive to the different types of Bitcoin bettors. Another is it enables players to maximize their bankroll, giving them more reasons to wager on dice instead of playing other Bitcoin casino games.

With many casino enthusiasts slowly jumping ship or have already begun embracing the Bitcoin dice games featured on various websites, it only  means that this leisure activity is destined to become the newest sought-after game in the Bitcoin gambling scene, appealing to bettors regardless of their wagering patterns and capabilities.

Bitcoin dice is climbing high up the pedestal, so high that it makes one wonder if it is finally taking the throne of the online slots as the most popular and favored game for absolute fun and entertainment.