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How Does a Real-Money Gambling (RMG) Work?

Real-money gambling (RMG) is yet another positive step in the online gambling world.

Since the massive increase in demand for online casinos, there have been plenty of new regulations that have come into place to ensure clean and above-board gambling.

There are two options:

To make things a little easier to understand, we have split up the two different kinds of casinos, one can find. Let’s define the difference between the two.

Social Casinos

Social casinos are platforms that consist of casino-style games such as slots, blackjack, poker and many others. When playing, gamblers will be up against a computer or with others using virtual money to place any wagers. The virtual money used cannot be exchanged for anything but extending one’s gameplay, and possibly a boost for your social status within the confines of the game.

RMG Casinos

Real money gambling casinos refer to any casino game where there is a wager of real money that results in a cash prize. RMG Casinos provide any fiat-money or Bitcoin casino games that can be wagered on. From slots to virtual sports, as long as real money bets are being made with the result of real money wins, then that casino is classified as an RMG casino.

There are casinos that blur the lines between the two, this usually happens when there is a country that restricts RMG play, then the casino will opt for an alternative such as lotteries and social games with prizes attached.

When it comes to the two casino options, there is not much that separates them. Sometimes the only defining factor is that no real money wagers or prizes are being contributed. The same games can even be used on both platforms.

Often due to the different natures of the casino, you will find the RMG players tend to be engaged for longer periods, investing both time and patience into the adventure, while social players are more relaxed with less invested in the play. Often social players are less engaged than that of a depositing player.

RMG at Some Top-Class Casinos

Social casinos are a fun place for beginner gamblers to learn the ropes and perfect some gaming changing moves, but there is nothing quite like the real deal. An RMG casino is all about real rewards. The chance to wager real funds results in some real BIG wins. Topping our charts once again, we have two of the most enticing RMG casinos on the web.

BetChain Casino

BetChain has been the Kingpin for quite some time now, but how could you blame a gambler for enjoying a platform that executes every aspect of online gambling? From tip to toe, BetChain Casino provides the finest RMG experience on the web. Offering Bitcoin casino bonus deals and games that allow for wild wagers and explosive wins, BetChain will soon be your go to RMG casino for big rewards!

Place a Bitcoin bet on Betchains provably fair games and you will find out why this remarkable casino has come out on top for the most recommended RMG gambling platform.


Get ready to take gambling to unexpected places, with some of the industry’s most highly regarded games all jammed into the best gambling platform of 2020. CryptoWild is all about player satisfaction, and nothing will create satisfaction quite like REAL money wins! CryptoWild is a fun new RMG Bitcoin casino that offers a refreshing look at the future of gambling.

Jam-packed with enticing bonuses and life-changing games, CryptoWild will have you busy for hours, stacking up on mind-blowing RMG wins.

Real-Money Gambling Equals Real Big Wins

No matter how you look at it, if you gambling to gain then the only way forward would be to place your wagers at an RMG casino. Now you know RMG casinos work and where the best place is to start, all that is left to do is to experience it for yourself.

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