How Live Casino Dealers Transform Bitcoin Gambling

Live Casino Dealers

Online gambling offers convenience, especially to betting enthusiasts who would prefer to play online games and win if lucky enough without leaving their homes. Adding variety to this highly attractive form of gambling entertainment are the live casino dealers and games that provide a realistic casino atmosphere.

To understand how live dealer casinos work, here are three must-know points:

  1. Live casino games do happen in real time

One of the most evident typecasts about live dealer casino games is that the streamed videos being displayed are prerecorded and not happening in real-time.

Although this may seem an insignificant matter for others, the majority of Bitcoin gamblers feel cheated because they are given the promise and expectations that live dealer games deliver an experience closest to land-based gambling.

This misconception adds a negative notion to the authenticity and legitimacy of Bitcoin gambling venues.

To shed light to this fallacy, some Bitcoin casinos that offer live dealer games opt to source the live video feeds from actual land-based casinos. An example of this is the live dealer games on FlutterClub and Coin178, which features tables from brick-and-mortar casinos operating in Asia among others.


It is also common to find live dealers greet the new players on the table by their username, which clearly shows that the game happens at that moment, regardless of the differences in the time zone from where the players are located.

Another method live casinos prove that their video feeds are indeed live is by showing a news program on TV.

  1. Dealers are knowledgeable about the gambling industry

Bitcoin live dealers casino is not just for show contrary to what some players believe. Often times, this perception dissuade Bitcoin gamblers from engaging in live dealer games because of the worry that their game might be fixed and unfair.

The truth is that these dealers are required to undergo a meticulous screening, which includes an in-depth exam about the iGaming industry even before they go on the floor.

Both Bitcoin and real-money casinos have established this protocol in order to assure the legitimacy, fluidity, and the overall experience their live dealer casinos bring to the bettors. After all, gamblers flock live games in order to relive the authentic gambling experience while betting online in the comfort of their home.

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  1. Live Bitcoin casinos have particular schedules for their dealers

Believe it or not, bettors flock live Bitcoin games because of a certain dealer they fancy, and this alone is a factor that maintains the consistency rate of visitors in a Bitcoin casino.

In order to take advantage of this, Bitcoin casinos follow a schedule that entails a rotational shift of the dealers on all the live tables. Take for example.

The live casino dealers on board are assigned to certain tables, and players can even witness the actual transfer of one dealer from the blackjack table to the baccarat table for instance.

Apart from the schedules, assigning a dealer to a certain region also make the overall gambling experience more entertaining and dynamic as compared to playing only computer-generated Bitcoin games over again.