How the Winkelevi’s WinkDex Mobile App Will Help Bitcoin Casino Bettors


The Winklevoss Twins continue to mark their name in the Bitcoin history with the launch of their newest product, a Bitcoin mobile app that enhances the experience offered on WinkDex. Not exactly a necessity? Bitcoin casino enthusiasts should think again.

Famous for suing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the said social network, the Winklevosses—Winklevii to some—reportedly have over $11 million worth of Bitcoin, and they are actively investing in Bitcoin startups, as well as creating services that promote convenience in the Bitcoin market.

Launched early in 2014, WinkDex functions as a platform that regularly updates the Bitcoin price. Instead of quoting prices from one or two Bitcoin exchanges, WinkDex generates the average price of the digital currency as reflected in several exchanges online, including Bitfinex, BTC-e, and Bistamp.

Winkdex Mobile ApplicationAside from the prices, WinkDex also offers a Bitcoin calculator that enables users to easily convert any BTC amount to USD.

A few months after, the WinkDex mobile app is now finally up and is available to all Bitcoin users with an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Specifically designed for mobile use, this new product aims to provide users of all kinds with the convenient tools in staying on top of the Bitcoin price charts and influence them to make smarter decisions. Most of all, the prices are updated in real-time.

This is how Bitcoin casino players will be at an advantage with the WinkDex app.

While this mobile app will not be as exciting as any of the Bitcoin games online, it will prove valuable to players who wish to determine how much they should deposit or withdraw and, eventually, convert to real money. Moreover, players who prefer to store their bitcoins in their betting accounts like in a Bitcoin sportsbooks and casino brands may find it less of a hassle to know when the best time is to cashout.

Similarly, Bitcoin poker aficionados, who have more opportunities to bag larger Bitcoin winnings, are expected to also benefit, alongside players who also wager on other games like Bitcoin dice, lottery, and more.