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How to Join Bitcoin Casino Progressive Jackpot Slots

Ready to play Bitcoin casino progressive jackpot slots but don't know where to start? We've covered everything you need to play jackpot slots with Bitcoin.

Casinos have been around for quite some time, be they land-based or online. While each type has its own advantages over the other, online casinos remained stronger amid the coronavirus pandemic. And among online casinos, Bitcoin casinos have made a mark as more players discover the benefits of using Bitcoin in online gaming including faster transactions from player to casino and player to player.

Fiat-money and Bitcoin casinos offer a variety of casino games, like Bitcoin slots, blackjack, and even live casino games. But making the casino experience more exciting and rewarding are the progressive jackpot games on board. Oftentimes only slots, progressive jackpot games in online casinos can be of different game types, which benefits players who each have their own favorite casino games. But first, why are they called ‘progressive’?

What are progressive jackpot games?

These are games that collect a portion of your bet that goes to the jackpot, accumulating money across various online casinos or locally. Lucky players can win this progressive jackpot. But as long as no one hits the jackpot, the amount will continuously increase, and normally would reach millions.

Hitting progressive jackpots is mind-blowing, and it can seriously change your life in seconds. But before you play progressive jackpot games with Bitcoin or fiat money, make sure that you read the casino’s terms and conditions in relation to progressive jackpots. This way, you will know about the game rules as well as know the wagering requirements.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots You Can Play with Bitcoin

When it comes to progressive jackpot games, you will notice that they are mostly online slot games. And this is not surprising as slots are arguably the most popular game type in online casinos. Here are two types of progressive jackpot slots you can play with Bitcoin:

In-house Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of progressive jackpot slots is common, wherein the jackpot is managed in only one casino and locally. This may involve several games offered by the same casino, all of which contribute to the progressive jackpot.

Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type is arguably the most attractive between the two as the progressive jackpot grows from contributions from slots linked from multiple online casinos. The odds of winning the jackpot, however, are smaller.

How to Join Progressive Jackpot Slots in Bitcoin Casinos

Ready to play these progressive jackpot slots? Follow these steps to join progressive jackpot slots in Bitcoin casinos:

Choose the best Bitcoin casino.

This is a no-brainer, but many players still make the mistake of picking mediocre or, worse, scam Bitcoin casinos. Need help? Go to our Bitcoin casino review section to check for full reviews and honest ratings from us and real players. But to help you quickly play in the top Bitcoin casinos today, choose BitStarz Casino and mBit Casino.

Check for demo games.

Another way to help you pick the right Bitcoin casino is to look for demo games. Demo games allow you to experience the jackpot slots. And if you hate the gameplay, then look for another casino that has a set of jackpot slots that you will enjoy.

Sign up for a Bitcoin casino account.

Have you thoroughly checked our reviews and played demo games? Then it is time to create an account in Bitcoin casino. Take note, though, that some Bitcoin casinos will need you to provide your personal details as a compliance with the KYC/AML regulations.

Play jackpot slots responsibly.

Part of playing Bitcoin casino jackpot slots is planning and using your bankroll wisely, as well as using effective bankroll management systems. You also need to choose the best jackpot slots you can find in your selected Bitcoin casino. Want recommendations? Check out these three progressive jackpot slots that can boost your winnings.

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Now that you now know more about progressive jackpot slots in Bitcoin casino, have a great time enjoying jackpot slots and playing responsibly.

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