Inside Bitcoins Melbourne Opens Floor to Bitcoin Gambling

Inside Bitcoins Melbourne

Australia is playing host to the largest Bitcoin event worldwide as Inside Bitcoins takes place at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre for two days starting today.

Industry experts and Bitcoin entrepreneurs in the country are set to take the center stage as they share their insights and analyses on the innovative, peer-to-peer digital currency, its implications, and its future in various sectors and businesses.

Featured speakers include Domenic Carosa, co-founder and chairman of Future Capital and CEO of Dominet Digital Corporation, Matthew Cridland, partner at DLPA Piper Australia, Nicholas Gruen, founder and CEO of Lateral Economics and chairman of the Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Asher Tan, co-founder and CEO of CoinJar, and Zhenya Tsvetnenko, founder and chairman of digitalBTC.

Joining them are over 30 speakers who will be present in a total of 18 seminar sessions, covering a variety of points that currently impact Bitcoin in Australia and beyond.

According to the agenda released by the conference, attendees can learn from a vast array of topics that include the different benefits retailers gain from accepting cryptocurrency, tips on investing in Bitcoin companies, potential innovations in Bitcoin, and the essential facts Bitcoin businesses need to know among many more interesting talks.

Also included in the list of seminars hosted on Inside Bitcoins Melbourne is the inevitable future of Bitcoin in the online gambling sector.

Bitcoin casinos, sportsbooks, and other betting sites serve as the largest avenues through which Bitcoin transactions are made, making up more than half of the total number of transactions worldwide. In fact, the Internet is witnessing an influx of Bitcoin casino operators that set up their online gambling businesses and take advantage of the technologies made possible by the digital currency.

As such, operators, customers, and Bitcoin guide contributors alike can gain viewpoints through this event about the advantages of Bitcoin gambling, the challenges it faces in light of regulation, law enforcement, and taxation, and the investment opportunities it presents as a form of business.

Inside Bitcoins Melbourne is this year’s fourth installment of the worldwide event, with previous events held in Germany, New York, and Hong Kong and future conferences set to take place in Tel Aviv, London, Las Vegas, and Seoul before the year ends.