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Interested? Most Bizarre Casinos Worldwide

Whenever you feel like travelling abroad for gambling purposes, you can do that safely with our help. Bon voyage!

There are endless casinos and online casinos around the world, but some of them are really going out of their way to become number one.

In this article, we are talking about some of the weirdest and most exciting casinos you can find. For one thing, we are sure that you have never heard them and you will find yourself scrolling through pages of photos.

And if you are extra adventurous, then you can visit some of these locations after lockdown is over.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Let’s go.

Resorts World Genting

This one is located in Malaysia and it’s the only casino resort in the country. Moreover, it is placed on top of the Mount Ulu Kali. What is really exciting is that it’s an actual resort filled with two casinos (Sky Casino and Genting Casino), a showroom, a cineplex, a theme park, and a spacious concert hall for about 5,000 people.

And if you are travelling from abroad, you can stay at one of the hotels on the resort. Even if you are not a gambling junkie, the view is enough.

The Casino Jet Lounge

If you love flying a little bit of gambling, then this casino is the perfect place for you. Keep in mind that this is concept that is not yet executed.

However, the idea seems amazing. Even though multiple airlines such as Swissair, Virgin Atlantic, and British Airways tried to integrate casino games in their flights, this lounge is different.

The companies Designescence and AirJet Designs introduced the idea of combining a casino and a bar in one aircraft. Moreover, there would be tables for card games, online crypto games, and maybe some slot machines.

All of this sounds like a luxurious dream, but in 1994 the Gorton Amendment from the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act was passed. This law states that any gambling activities are banned from airplanes.

Little did they know that in 1998 a Swissair plane crash would lead to loss of lives, and the reasoning was the gambling system.

The North Cadbury Court Casino

This one is not as creepy as you might think. This casino is located in the basements of the North Cadbury Court venue. This venue is a very expensive one and it’s usually used for reunions or weddings, etc.

However, down deep into its basements, it holds a world of gambling. The underground casino has everything from card game tables, to croupiers, but it doesn’t have any machines on site.

Moreover, the building is amazing with a rich Elizabethan style and for all party people out there, there is a basement disco, as well.

You won’t think twice about going down in the basement with this one, right?

World’s Smallest Travelling Casino

People say that “If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.” And this is what Grosvenor’s Casinos did back in 2016. They created a taxi cab casino with blackjack table for three players, and a TV to watch sports. All of this equipped with a mini bar. Just about anyone could reserve the taxi or call it off the streets. This one went all around Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, etc.

The marketing director of the casino said:

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of what we believe to be the world’s smallest traveling casino and reward our loyal customer base with some complimentary rides, as well as welcome some new faces – it is truly a unique experience.”

Sadly, the promotion ended back then but it was bloody successful.

Desert Cave Hotel & Casino

And for the last destination, we leave rainy England and go to hot Australia. Additionally, the town of Coober Pedy. This place is quite unique because a big portion of its residents live in subterranean houses to keep cool from the weather.

And not only are their houses underground, but also, they have underground hotel and casino. The casino room and restaurants of the resort are placed below, but the rooms are located outside and inside of the ground.

And, here we are back at home. We hope you enjoyed and ride and we will see in our next articles on online casinos, eSports betting, and sports betting.  Stay safe! Meanwhile, here are the top casino scams that will surprise you, and do check out the 5 common gambling superstitions in the world.

Image from Resorts World Genting

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