iOS Apps, Casino Games Promote Bitcoin Awareness through Mobile Tech

Uranus Attacks!

The mobile technology today has vastly improved that smartphones and tablets have become a convenient and necessary tool for communication, education, and entertainment.

It even serves as one of the primary means to access different media, be they music, movies, and games. This is the reason the mobile market is the latest target of game developers and suppliers, and this includes those coming from the Bitcoin casino market.

Using the HTML5 technology, several mobile-optimized Bitcoin casinos have emerged, providing bettors worldwide with the same level of excitement and enjoyment offered on web-based Bitcoin gambling sites.

Mobile apps introduce Bitcoin to more people

Other than these mobile Bitcoin casinos, game developers have also begun incorporating Bitcoin to mobile apps and games. The latest app that hit the market is Tigara Games’ Uranus Attacks!

SaruTobiCurrently available on the App Store for $2.99, the Bitcoin iOS game rewards bitcoins to every player who will successfully encourage others to purchase and play the app.

The bitcoins will be transferred through a Coinbase wallet, according to reports.

However, it was revealed that Amer Qureshi, the game developer for Uranus Attacks!, wants this app to become a medium for other people to gain knowledge of the digital currency and for other developers to follow suit in creating mobile-friendly Bitcoin games and apps.

This goal is similar with Christian Moss’ purpose of adding Bitcoin tips to his retro-styled iOS game called SaruTobi. This app, however, comes for free, and it only rewards players after they have played the game for a certain number of times.

Mobile technology opens more possibilities

While there are mobile Bitcoin casino games already available to customers across the globe like the Quickfire mobile games, having more platforms specially created for this niche will be a win-win situation for the Bitcoin casino market and the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole.

In addition, the spread of iOS and Android apps and games that help the promotion of Bitcoin will prove to be beneficial in the long run. After all, education and the widespread of awareness and information are vital to a global-scale adoption of the digital currency.