Is Bitcoin Casino Illegal in Las Vegas?

Bitcoin Gambling in Las Vegas

Following the recent controversy between Nevada’s gaming authorities and Bryan Micon, Bitcoin gambling seems to be in a difficult spot, especially in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Micon, founder of the famous Bitcoin poker site Seals with Clubs, was charged with a category B felony that is punishable by up to 10 years of imprisonment due to the fact that the website was unlicensed by both the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada State Gaming Control Board.

Tony Alamo, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, emphasized that the state’s gaming regulatory structure was established to be the benchmark for the whole casino industry.

He said:

“The Nevada gaming regulatory structure is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ throughout the world. The Micon prosecution is important because it makes clear that the Nevada Gaming Control Act and its rigorous licensing requirements will be strictly enforced. The unique facts of the case make this prosecution the first of its kind in the state of Nevada.”

Moreover, Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board A.G Burnett sees the current operation as an opportunity to further exploit unauthorized gaming both for online and land-based.

Burnett said:

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board is pleased to work with the Office of the Attorney General to stop unlicensed gaming activities. Operating an interactive gaming website without a gaming license runs afoul of Nevada gaming law. The Board will continue to investigate those who do so, and will continue to turn over such cases to the attorney general for criminal prosecution.”

Micon, whose last whereabouts is traced to Antigua, is to expect to turn himself over and face trial that was filed by Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt.

Nevada Gaming Commission

Nevada’s reception toward Bitcoin casinos

After the awful incident, the reception towards Bitcoin gambling in Las Vegas is again tainted with questions and hullabaloos.

However, the recent apprehension of Micon is not due to the usage of bitcoins on his website but because his website was unlicensed.

That being said, it is safe to say that Nevada’s authorities have nothing against Bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, their main objective is to stop unlicensed gaming activities.

This law is passed in order to monitor fraudulent activities that are very prevalent in the gambling scene. With this as their flagship agenda, Nevada’s law has a lot in store for the security and fairness in the casino industry, especially Bitcoin gambling.

Bryan Micon

Moreover, it is definitely much better to play on a licensed casino because of the assurance that the law will support if a certain dispute is raised.

Bitcoin gambling, despite the tragic event concerning the Bitcoin poker pioneer, is still striving to attain mainstream acceptance and is continuing to revolutionize the world of casinos. This will not take long if people leading the Bitcoin gambling population will intensely analyze their actions for both the benefit of their followers and the Bitcoin industry.

In Micon’s situation, if he did the necessary procedures before launching his website, Seals with Clubs will still probably continue its operation.

This development leads to the question if Bitcoin gambling in New York and other states and cities in the US is considered legal.