Key Takeaway Points From Satoshi Nakamoto

The alleged revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto is undeniably the hottest topic in the world today. After years of playing cat and mouse, the whole world are now given the answers to the controversial question—‘who is Satoshi Nakamoto?’

The interest in the persona of the Bitcoin creator is immense that it extends to the online gambling world as evidenced by the Bitcoin casinos and betting sites like the popular dice site SatoshiDice and the up-and-coming casino Nakamoto Casino. Endorhpina’s slot game Satoshi’s Secret slot also reflects such influence.

Here are three takeaway points Bitcoin casino enthusiasts can learn from the recent allegations and speculations about the issues surrounding the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto:

  1. Online security remains questionable, regardless of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Casinos

Security remains to be one of the biggest issues of Bitcoin. This, however, does not mean the cryptocurrency is flawed in this area. It just so happens that certain websites, platforms, and technology linked to Bitcoin suffer from brute attacks, hacks, and other cyber threats.

According to reports, undisclosed sources have bypassed and compromised Wright’s digital documents and online conversations that contain strong points that he is connected to the establishment of Bitcoin, even more so he could be or one of the people behind Satoshi Nakamoto.

Although evidences pointing to Craig Wright as the Bitcoin creator are yet to be authenticated, the fact that these documents are acquired through the means of hacking have startled the peace of Bitcoin users.

Moreover, an IT security expert such as Wright overlooking the cyberattack only goes to show that if he is to be really Satoshi Nakamoto, then the celebrated security of Bitcoin still has an extreme number of security flaws.

  1. More publicity, more potential consumers

There may only be several hundreds to thousands playing online with Bitcoin but this number is expected to grow after the coverage of Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto by the mainstream media. More users will be informed about the functions, benefits, and facts about Bitcoin—a goal essential to the global acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gambling Wins

As more people get exposed to Bitcoin, including Bitcoin gambling, online real-money players may prefer to wager bitcoins instead, driving the number of customers flocking the Bitcoin casinos and other gambling sites in this niche.

Being one of the most notable departments in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin gambling proves to draw in more customers with its striking benefits in online gambling. The idea of experiencing top entertainment and getting rewarded with huge prizes and bonuses from Bitcoin games will certainly entice new bitcoiners to indulge in this lucrative activity.

3. Winning bitcoins yields larger sums

One of the essential takeaway points from Satoshi Nakamoto revelation is that it provides enough boosts to the rise of Bitcoin price.

With Bitcoin exchanging for a higher amount in US dollar and other fiat currencies, players who collect large sums of Bitcoin wins can grab hold of more real money as compared to the amount at hand before the said incident.

In conjunction with mainstream publicity, the demand for Bitcoin grows more intense due to the consistent interests both the conventional market and the cryptocurrency community have toward Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin price remains steadfast, and this gives cryptocurrency experts the idea that Bitcoin may hit another monumental price increase by the end of the year.