Was Launching Bitcoin.com Casino A Right Move?


There are a lot of Bitcoin gaming sites out there and the addition of another one is not usually a cause for comment. The circumstances are very unique, though, for the newest online casino. Last Monday, Bitcoin.com, the well-known Bitcoin information site, unveiled its latest: an online casino. But is launching one necessary?

A new player on the scene

Bitcoin has always been a favorite of the gambling world. It is understandable with all of the benefits that it brings like quick transactions and anonymity. However, this does not explain why Bitcoin.com decided to enter the online casino scene with Casino.bitcoin.com.

Though Bitcoin.com brings with it a pre-built audience, this new approach that it advocates can be a hard pill to swallow for many of them. Bitcoin.com’s main claim to fame is that it is the ideal place for a newcomer to start their Bitcoin journey. The website explains all of the elements that make up how Bitcoin operates. Starting from how to get bitcoins from exchanges or mining to how to get a Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin.com guides a newcomer through all the steps of acquiring and using bitcoins.


It is no great leap that Bitcoin.com would then advise these Bitcoin newcomers on how to spend their recently earned cryptocurrency. The site already does this through its online search tool. All a person needs to do is enter what they are searching for and the site gives links to where people can buy these items with bitcoins. Adding a casino gives people another option of where to spend their digital cash.

The trouble with the approach that Bitcoin.com is taking is the overtness of it. Although it forms a larger part of the Bitcoin economy, online Bitcoin gambling has always been in the gray area of legality.

One of the reasons no one has cracked down on it yet is because of the lack of legislation. Introducing newcomers to online gambling via the Bitcoin.com site can be potentially problematic.

Tough field

Legality issues aside, Bitcoin.com faces another challenge: the market itself. The crowded online gambling market can be quite competitive and it can be hard to make a mark in it. Though the online gaming industry is a large revenue earner, it can still be a struggle to be profitable.

Software & Game Content Providers

Bitcoin.com breaking into the market can be difficult, even with the potentially large customer pool that it has. It will require dependable infrastructure and more to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Fortunately, the site has partnered with SoftSwiss, one of the world leaders in online gambling software, to ensure that the site can deliver a great experience. With over 1,000 games across various game types and the ability to accept dollars, pounds, and euros alongside bitcoins, the Bitcoin.com casino looks to be impressive.

Although, the move is not as risky as it could be, Bitcoin.com still has to face the competition. Additionally, the association with online gambling can stain its reputation. The site might be in for some rough times ahead.

Regardless, with the high-quality games from Betsoft, Pocket Dice, Endorphina, Ezugi, and Quickfire, together with the SoftSwiss Bitcoin games that feature provably fair gaming, Casino.bitcoin.com is well-equipped with the right arsenal to clinch a spot on the list of favored Bitcoin casinos.

Further pushing Bitcoin.com to reach early success in this sector are the Bitcoin casino bonus deals up for grabs for registered players.