Live Bitcoin Betting: Casino Games & Sports Events

Online gambling is a very convenient way for many to get their gambling fix. It is easy to access while delivering much of the same betting experience of normal offline casinos. The main difference is that people are doing their gambling electronically. For some people, though, the digital divide can be a troubling chasm to cross. They want the reassurance of being more active participants in their gambling experience.

As a solution, live betting was developed. This gave people the chance to directly make bets with a live component, whether it was a dealer or an ongoing sports game. The problem was that live betting required quick transactions. Credit cards and other payment options did their best, but they had their own problems like high transaction fees and delays in transactions. This is where Bitcoin comes in. Bitcoin was designed to be the currency of the future, and its flexibility in the digital realm has made it the go-to medium when fast and worry-free transactions are needed. Implemented correctly, Bitcoin live betting can make any live betting experience a lot better.

There are two types of live betting options out there. For those who want to try it out, here is a brief overview to learn what to expect.

Bitcoin live casino dealers

One of the more recognizable live betting options is the live dealer option. Online gamblers often find these in online casinos and many sites like LimoPlay and offer the service. With a single click, players can enter a dealer room with a professional dealer handling all of the mechanics of the game. For players who have had some real-world gambling experience, this should be a familiar sight. The table games with live dealers are usually those that would greatly benefit from having one like poker or roulette.

There are several factors that make Bitcoin live dealers casino an attractive option for many individuals. For one, there is the option of greater interaction.

Normal online gambling is often a solitary experience. People click on a button to place their bets and deal. With a live dealer, players can chat with the dealer and other players who often share a chatroom.

Next, there is the more visceral feel to the game when handled by a person. Some people like to see how the game works, with cards being shuffled and the wheel being pushed into a spin, not have a computer crunching numbers in the background. Finally, live dealers can often make it easy for beginners with their announcements on how the game is going.

Bitcoin live sports betting

A less common option for live betting is in the area of sports betting. The usual option for sports bets is to finalize the bets hours before the game begins at solid odds. Live betting turns this concept on its head. Bettors now can make wagers as the game plays.

This may seem unfair to the gambling operator, but they are allowed to manipulate the odds as the game plays, ensuring that bettors do not win as much.

People like live sports betting because it spices up the usual sports watching with active betting, especially on site like VitalBet, which offers streams of the games. Bettors can change their minds, wager more on a team, and more as the match progresses, requiring concentration and split-second decision making.

Bitcoin live betting can make exciting games even better and more enjoyable. Anyone who wants to add a little more spice to their gaming should seriously consider doing some live betting with their bitcoins.