Why Live Casino Tables & Dealers Are A Big Hit


Live casino tables are among the favorites in online gambling since these games, along with the sexy dealers, make online betting more exciting.

Live Casino Tables

One of the complaints that some online gamblers have about playing online is the seemingly lack of interaction in it. Brick-and-mortar casinos are noisy places where people can mingle and talk. Going from that to playing online, where most of the games are isolated experiences, can be quite a shift. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the gaming experience compared to the interaction provided by offline gambling.

That is why live dealers are increasingly becoming an important part of the online casino experience. In the early days of online gambling, gambling operators were limited by the technology and the bandwidth. This led to a lot of online casinos using software programs downloaded from their servers.

With the arrival of streaming technology, several things changed. People were now able to play instantly. This also led to live video, which is where live dealers started. Some enterprising fellow figured out that you can combine live video feeds with gambling, with the input being sent real-time by the gamblers and live casino tables within reach from wherever in the world.

Gambling made better with interactions

Live dealing sounds primitive compared to the software-run games in standard online casinos. With a human dealer, the operation of the game is much slower than normal. There will be delays in shuffling, the roulette spinning may be slower, and other deficiencies. However, there are quite a few players who prefer live dealers, and there are several reasons for this.

Live Dealers


First, people like to look at other people. This is especially if they are attractive. Live dealer operators pick out attractive dealers to catch and keep the attention of players. Additionally, these dealers are often trained to be sociable. Players can send comments and chat messages to which the dealers can respond to.

Second, some players distrust automated solutions. When people play at online casinos, most of the time they cannot trust the programs that operate the games. It would be easy for some online casinos to manipulate the numbers so that the results would be skewed in the house’s favor. Although many casinos ensure that a 3rd party tests them for honesty—some even employ provably fair gaming—seeing a physical deck of cards being shuffled or a roulette wheel being spun is often more reassuring.

Finally, it translates the ambiance of an offline casino to an online venue. For those who miss the feel of playing at a casino, gambling with a live dealer can be the next best thing.

Live casino tables with Bitcoin

For online gambling operators seeking to integrate live dealers into their casino, there are several software developers out there to contact. One of them is Ezugi, which provides access to their live dealers to many online casinos.


With studios in various parts of the world, ranging from Costa Rica to Cambodia, Ezugi offers a wide variety of games. Other live dealer developers include Playtech, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming. Interested casino operators should contact these companies to find out more about how to integrate live dealers into their operations.

More Bitcoin casinos like FortuneJack are integrating live casino tables into their library for the very reasons mentioned earlier. As more games are added to Bitcoin live dealers casino tables such as keno, poker, and lottery, playing the popular casino games in a realistic casino environment makes the overall gambling experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

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