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How Live Games from Betgames Change the Game

The live games from Betgames bring in many players to online gambling sites and have quickly become a great alternative to the usual live casino tables. This is thanks to the features found in these TV games. These games work similarly to live dealer games, but there are certain differences between the two.

Draw of live casino games

People will find the live games from Betgames in different online casinos, including 1xBit and While players continue to patronize the live casino games in most online casinos, a growing population is getting hooked to the live games as such from Betgames. The reason for this is the immersion that a player can get out of the game.

1xBit offers TV Games from Betgames

In typical online casino games, a player’s bet is at the mercy of the program’s complicated algorithm. Players often question the authenticity of the results from a game because no one can see what goes on behind the screen.

Live games, on the other hand, do not need to use any kind of math formulas to get a player the result. The games follow the rules of the real world such as the laws of physics. The authentic results from these games offer an ease in mind to a player who values transparency over everything else.

There is also a sense of immersion when playing in any live games. Live dealers help to set the setting where a player is on a casino floor and not in his home. This is the closest experience possible to enjoying an actual casino table while on a computer or mobile device.

Benefits of live games from Betgames

Betgames does share some similarities with live dealer games. One of which is the use of a live stream from a casino studio floor.

TV Games work differently from live casino games. Live casino plays just like its contemporaries. In a live baccarat game, for example, a player places his bets on the betting mat.

TV Games does allow a player to place similar bets to predict whether the banker or the player will win the hand. However, the set-up of TV Games is similar to an online sportsbook than a Bitcoin casino. Because of this set-up, there are many bets that are open to a player.

In baccarat, the bets available in regular live games are ‘player’, ‘banker’, and ‘tie’. Certain live games might have side bets such as ‘perfect pair’ or ‘bit’. TV Games includes all main and side bets. It also presents unique bets in baccarat where a player can predict the color of the cards and much more.

There are about nine different TV Games available. Players can easily switch from one game to the other, thanks to the layout.

Moreover, the various bets in these games will have decimal odds in its boxes. This helps players know how much the payout rates are as well as the chances of winning any of the bets. TV games are also a good add-on to Bitcoin sportsbook sites like Tonybet to give bettors a mix of live casino and sports betting.



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