Local Bettors to Benefit from Friendly AUS, NZ Bitcoin Outlook

Bitcoin South

Freely wagering on Bitcoin games online without having to worry about legal issues is one of the main factors why Australia and New Zealand have become the favorite spots for online gamblers. Besides this, they continually become even friendlier to Bitcoin, only making their locals the envy of those of other countries.

Australia nods to digital wealth

A clear proof that the land down under is welcoming cryptocurrency with open arms is the inclusion of a new item in the Australian pension application form, which now lists Bitcoin as a cyber currency asset. Cyber currency, which is synonymous to digital currency or virtual money, suggests that digital wealth is already being recognized by the Australian government.

Bitcoin’s appearance in the Department of Human Services-issued application form concretizes the country’s acknowledgement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a new form of wealth, shared in a report by Jason Williams, head of the Bitcoin Association of Australia.

Bitcoin Australia New ZealandNew Zealand holds first cryptocurrency conference

Meanwhile, not to be outdone by its neighbor, New Zealand is set to hold its first-ever conference about Bitcoin. Bitcoin South will run for two days from Nov. 29 to 30 in the country’s adventure tourism capital, Queenstown, and will feature an array of speakers to discuss about regulation, FinTech, investments, economics, and security, among others.

Aside from focusing on business, this conference will also serve as the perfect adventure getaway and networking venue for international entrepreneurs, investors, and other bitcoiners.

Bitcoin gambling in the southern hemisphere

Given that both Australia and New Zealand are not too strict when it comes to online gambling, such developments in the world of cryptocurrency are definitely good news to the Bitcoin casino enthusiasts in this region. After all, not only can they play Bitcoin slots or any of the other exciting games on Bitcoin gambling sites, but they can also benefit from the progressive outlook of their governments with regard to digital currency and wealth.

These southern hemisphere countries continue to set a good example to the international community when it comes to addressing Bitcoin adoption.