What Makes NetEnt Live Games Better Than Others?

NetEnt Live is the software provider’s take on the live dealer game market. NetEnt Live games offer the familiar classic favorites to any player as well as offering new features.

All live games from NetEnt work on both desktop and mobile devices. The games are made with mobile devices in mind where the interface has a layout that makes it easy for players to interact with the game. Each live game works on both portrait and landscape mode without sacrificing the HD quality of the live stream.

All the NetEnt Live games also have unique features that make it stand out from other live games. These features provide beginners and veteran players with value.

NetEnt Live Roulette

NetEnt Live features improved live dealer games for all platformsNetEnt Live Roulette betting table layout is set in a way where it changes to a position that makes it comfortable for a player. When it is in landscape mode, the layout is similar to that on a desktop computer where the betting mat is at the bottom half of the screen. Landscape mode allows for anyone to play the game with two hands.

The layout changes to a zoomed aspect when a player flips the game to portrait mode. The betting table is shown in full where a player needs to scroll down the screen to see all of the numbers and wager option. This layout is made to allow players to interact with the game with their thumb.

NetEnt Blackjack

Live Blackjack layout has a minimalistic design where the bottom screen is bare until it reaches players turn. During one turn, the action buttons for the basic actions in a Blackjack game appears. This allows the player to be focused on the dealers and the details shown in the game.

Live Blackjack keeps track of the dealer’s last 10 hands. This includes the percentage of wins among players and Blackjack hands.

NetEnt Common Draw Blackjack

Common Draw Blackjack looks almost the same as the regular Live Blackjack game. It also has a similar minimalistic layout as well.

What makes Common Draw different is how everyone plays the same hand at the same time. In one round, a player is given the same Blackjack actions to take such as ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. The action that player chose is simply a vote that other players will cast. An action that has a majority of votes is executed.

Common Draw plays out like a ‘Twitch Play’ stream where hundreds of people play the same game by inputting the button input in the chat box. This allows for a new kind of social gambling experience where everyone is relying on each other to win each round. There is a form of chaotic fun when each player has the freedom of deciding every player’s fate.