Minesweeper Remains The Favorite on CryptoGames.io

CryptoGames Minesweeper Game

Bitcoin casinos are not all about Bitcoin slots, table games, and cards. The reason this market continues to enthrall new customers is its collection of casual games introduce a fresh approach toward Bitcoin gambling.

Of all these casual games in the Bitcoin casino market, Minesweeper is arguably the most sough-out game. Introduced by Microsoft in 1989, this game still continues to entertain today’s generation of gamers.

Due to its popularity, Minesweeper has also become prevalent in a number of Bitcoin casinos. CryptoGames.io is one of these casinos, but it remains to be the only casino to offer the finest Bitcoin Minesweeper game.

Notwithstanding its greenhorn status, CryptoGames continues to make a buzz in the industry with its unique casual Bitcoin games, including its own version of Minesweeper.

Bitcoin Minesweeper

CryptoGames’s Minesweeper is the best of both worlds

CryptoGames did a superb job in refurbishing Minesweeper to be able to complement the systems of Bitcoin-powered platforms. This Bitcoin casino’s prowess is significantly evident since its own version still possesses all the essential details that made the Microsoft version popular until today.

Players will see in the game a field with uncovered grids and hidden landmines—details that make the Minesweeper’s exciting gameplay. Also, the CryptoGames Minesweeper game adheres to the main objective, which is to let players clear the field without activating the landmines.

This game is also designed to appeal to the current generation’s taste in online gambling. Therefore, players can expect a refreshing view of the game that strides away from the traditional gray-themed interface.

CryptoGames.io has designed its Minesweeper version to display fun graphics that are based on cartoon pirates, crabs, and other beach-related elements. This redesign certainly added a more thrilling and enjoyable vibe to the game while giving it a new perspective.


More than just Minesweeper

Other than its fun graphics, CryptoGames’s Minesweeper is well-renowned because it is equipped with the provably fair feature, which allows players to review their game results to verify the authenticity and legitimacy.

Moreover, this platform only has a one-percent house edge rate, which guarantees bettors that they will still be getting the majority of their profits, regardless of the platform’s required fee.

Minesweeper is not the only flagship product of CryptoGames. In fact, this Bitcoin gambling website offers another set of Bitcoin casual games that share the same features and excitement with Minesweeper.

Players can check it for themselves and wager on this casino’s custom-made versions of Bitcoin dice, wheel of fortune, and its exclusive version of Bitcoin slot called the 777 Slots.

To top it all off, these games are exclusively available on CryptoGames’s platform, making it a one-of-a-kind collection, and can be played using altcoins like Litecoin and Dogecoin.