Mission Accepted: Wheel of Doge to Become ‘the Funnest Dogecoin Game in Space’


Wheel of Doge is going all out to provide the most enjoyable Dogecoin game that the whole community will be proud of, shared its marketing specialist.

Wheel of Doge

So Fun. Many Spin, Much Dogecoin,’ read the tagline of Wheel of Doge. A Dogecoin gambling site that takes cues from the typical Bitcoin games, specifically dice, it offers a secure, colorful, and comical take on the popular Wheel of Fortune. Complete with an affiliate program that pays out 20% of profits, Wheel of Doge is certainly running in full speed to match the excitement and fun most Bitcoin casino sites already offer in the market.

Angelica, who is in charge of marketing for the brand shared what makes Wheel of Doge a real candidate to become the ‘funnest Dogecoin game in space’.

Wheel of Doge QuoteWheel of Doge. Can you share what inspired it?

We looked at the Dogecoin betting games available. We saw nothing particularly good. There was no attention to aesthetics and no respect for the Dogecoin brand. We love games and we love design. We wanted to represent Dogecoin with something elegant and simple; a game the community would enjoy and be proud of.

Now it’s one of the popular Dogecoin betting sites. How long did it take you to launch it?

Two months. But we didn’t expect to become so popular, so quickly. We were a little overwhelmed. So we decided to take a few days to do a whole bunch of optimisations and upgrades, ready for re-launch on Sunday, September 21st.

If you were to choose some innovative features of your brand, what would they be?

Our design and UI approach to the “dice” game template. It is very unique. You can instinctively understand the game and play as soon you see it. That is rare.

I agree. Can you tell me about your greatest achievements or most memorable experience while operating Wheel of Doge?

Going live. Nothing can beat the thrill of finishing and project and seeing it go live. Dealing with developers. They’re a crazy and unique bunch.

Wheel of Doge QuoteFrom the looks of things, your business is going to stay in the market. What are the long-term plans, and how do you intend to accomplish them?

We’d like to see everyone who is into Dogecoin enjoy the game. That is our long-term goal. We have a few other game projects in the works. Top secret as of now. Just by constantly developing, upgrading and optimising we feel we are pushing strongly towards that goal. The response has been overwhelming and positive.

Dogecoin price has been in the news lately. Do you have a price prediction?

Price predictions are a fool’s errand I believe. But I am told a moon landing is imminent.

In you view, what would make Dogecoin a more reliable payment system?

I would have said network security before the AUXPOW. But now I think it has that important base covered. So it really just needs to keep doing what it is doing. The coin is still very young. In another year we’ll be surprised by how well it is doing.

What are your thoughts about gambling laws and the legal and regulatory movements for the cryptocurrencies?

It’s an evolving area and we’re interested to see how it all plays out.

I’m sure we all are. Tell me, Angelica, what is the most fitting mission statement for Wheel of Doge?

To be the funnest Dogecoin game in the space.

To the moon, indeed. Thank you very much for this opportunity. It’s a pleasure!

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