Mobile Games Bring Bitcoin Closer to People

Mobile-Friendly Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin continues its huge role in the gaming industry with new games designed for cryptocurrency and has yet again expanded its scope of market through the initiatives of various industry players.

One of them is BitPlay Today Inc., a Boston-based startup company, which contributes in the movement toward mainstream Bitcoin adoption by producing mobile-friendly Bitcoin games.

Focusing on the Android platform, it has already launched on Google Play three games—namely, Coin Crusher, Coin Flapper, and Coin Flapper Pro—that let players compete and collect Bitcoin.

Bitplay games bridge gaps between people and Bitcoin

Shrouded with complexity, the public falters in indulging themselves further in the world of Bitcoin, which is the reason BitPlay develops and produces mobile games that are more accessible to the average user.

According to a BitPlay representative, they introduce Bitcoin in a less intimidating fashion by granting people access to cryptocoins in the most normal way possible.

He said:

“As a company based upon the Bitcoin economy, we’re using games to make it easier for mainstream consumers to acquire Bitcoin using the micro-transactions approach. Micro-transactions, along with its global and certified transactional capabilities, are two core strengths of the Bitcoin technology that make the BitPlay Network a compelling and unique new gaming platform.”

Similar to the majority of Bitcoin casino games and mobile apps today, Coin Crusher and Coin Flapper consist of delightful and crisp graphics backed with a simple yet entertaining gameplay.

Coin Crusher, a game similar to the classic Tetris game, makes players earn points by rearranging the field of jewels to form winning combinations. One round of the game runs for 40 seconds, during which players must score the highest possible.

Coin Flapper, on the other hand, is comparable to the infamous game Flappy Bird, wherein players must navigate through an unlimited course without crashing into the pillars. The longer the distance the flapping bird covers, the higher points the players earn.

BitPlay Android Games

Both games reward players with Bitcoin, ranging from 6 bits to 3,000 bits, and allow a competitive match to gain more of their winnings.

Mobile and casino games play vital roles in Bitcoin adoption

BitPlay CEO Christopher Hasset said both games show promising records with more than 200,000 in-game transactions each day. The players’ growth has also shown a remarkable figure, mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, and USA.

He added:

“We’re taking game formats that everyone knows and likes, and putting them in a competitive environment with the opportunity to win Bitcoin and then to make purchases with the awards through micro-transactions.”

With an astounding feedback and reception from mainstream society, it is very much evident that the influence of these alternative Bitcoin-powered games may soon drive these people to know more about Bitcoin and eventually explore the benefits online and mobile casino bring.

Today, several mobile Bitcoin casinos share the same views of the game developer, providing quality casino games and features optimized to showcase the perks of using Bitcoin.

Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Gambling websites such as Satoshibet and have their own mobile versions of their games to cater to casino bettors and give them access to their favorite games via smartphones and tablets. This allows more accessibility and convenience that is also shown in the games produced by BitPlay.

Likewise, Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports, which has also developed its own casino games, makes use of the HTML5 technology to reach a broader market globally.

Having easy and convenient ways to access bitcoins like through the simpler Bitcoin conversions via the ShapeShift iOS app ensures the Bitcoin industry in general to play an enormous and positive role in mainstream society, and this is, in part, achieved through the awareness spread via mobile casinos and apps.