More Bitcoin ATMs in Switzerland Spell More Fun for Bitcoin Bettors

Switzerland Bitcoin ATM SBEX BitAccess

Switzerland welcomes a network of Bitcoin ATMs through the partnership of SBEX and BitAccess, making Bitcoin more accessible to the public, especially to bettors who wish to avoid trading the digital currency online.

Swiss-based cryptocurrency broker SBEX has tapped the services of the Canadian Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, in providing 10 two-way BitAccess ATMs, which have already been shipped to begin operation to join the lone Bitcoin ATM stationed in Geneva.

“This partnership is a key milestone for BitAccess,” said Moe Adham, co-founder of the Canada-based firm. “Building our presence in the heart of Europe was crucial in order to continue the deployment of our ATMs more closely to our customers.”

He added that “Switzerland is an important choice for the proximity with all the major financial and international institutions” despite its being the representation of traditional banking.

The shipping of the Bitcoin machines to the country follows the recognition made by the Swiss regulator FINMA of the validity of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a means of payment.

“It creates a stable environment where it is clear what can or can’t be made,” remarked SBEX CEO Alexis Roussel, expressing his enthusiasm for the opportunities given by the regulatory body to the digital currency.

With the first wave of BitAccess ATMs set to be positioned in key areas in the country, Switzerland may become the haven for Bitcoin access via a machine in the EU, enabling Bitcoiners and potential adopters to enjoy the convenience of buying the digital currency using fiat and selling it in exchange for Bitcoin.

This poses several benefits for online Bitcoin casino enthusiasts based there; one of which is the instant acquisition of Bitcoin with just a few clicks. This makes the process of loading Bitcoin wallets at a much faster rate as compared to buying it in a Bitcoin exchange online, where bitcoins are delivered to the wallets after a certain time frame.

Moreover, the installation of the machines increases the awareness of Bitcoin, which will play a key role in potentially increasing the customers of the provably fair gambling sites and mobile Bitcoin casinos that operate in Europe.