NetEnt’s Butterfly Staxx Slot Features Stacking Symbols

NetEnt releases a new slot game for this summer called Butterfly Staxx. Stacking symbols with new Butterfly Staxx slot are the main draw of the slot.

The theme of Butterfly Staxx is slightly similar to NetEnt’s Neon Staxx which was released several weeks ago. However, Butterfly Staxx is going for a fantasy setting instead of a Sci-Fi one that has become more common among Bitcoin slot games.

Stacking symbols feature and scatter mode

NetEnt launches new Butterfly Staxx slot

The main feature of the new NetEnt game is the butterfly stacking symbols. Players can trigger this if a stack of butterfly symbols cover one entire reel. When a player triggers this feature, every butterfly symbol will move to the left side of the reel while it spins. If one or more butterfly symbols appear on the reels, the symbols will move to the left side of the reel as it spins again. However, if there are no butterfly symbols on the reels, the feature will end and will give players their winnings for every symbol matched.

Butterfly Staxx makes full use of the stacking symbols feature in its scatter mode. Unlike other slots that only provide a set of free spins or score multipliers, Butterfly Staxx emphasizes on the use of its butterfly symbols.

During scatter mode, every symbol turns into a cocoon. When a player gets a glowing cocoon on the reels, the symbol turns into a butterfly and flies toward the left side of the reel. Every hatched butterfly will stay on the left side throughout the duration of the scatter mode. Players can also get a payout if the hatched butterfly creates a match during each of the spins.

It is important to note that there are no free re-spins if a player can get a stack of butterfly symbols to cover the entire reels. As a compromise to this mechanic, players will get a payout for any butterflies matched in every spin during the scatter mode.

80s fantasy theme

The previous slot game from NetEnt, Neon Staxx, uses an 80s Sci-Fi theme. Neon Staxx’ design is almost similar to the Ubisoft Far Cry spinoff game, Blood Dragon. The game is a parody of 80s Sci-Fi action movies that use synthesizer music and neon colors.

In contrast to Neon Staxx, Butterfly Staxx leans more on the fantasy side of the 80s. While Neon Staxx uses more pink and blue colors to its design, Butterfly Staxx uses purple and green with its color scheme. What easily comes to mind when playing Butterfly Staxx are Lisa Frank stationaries and stickers. Lisa Frank products use the same neon colors and have a fantasy setting with its artwork.

Butterfly Staxx also makes use of HD graphics. Its background and symbols are fully animated. An interesting aspect of the game is the flowers on the trees at the left side of the symbol which blooms when a player triggers the stacking symbols feature.

Players can expect to marvel at the neon colors in this game when they play in Bitcoin casinos offering NetEnt games. Megawins and Playamo Casino offers the high-quality NetEnt games, including the new Fairytale Legends slot and the new Copy Cat slot.