New Boasts Improved Mobile & VIP Features is one of the leading Bitcoin casinos today, and it further secures a spot at the top with its recent full website rebranding.

Sporting a sleeker theme, the rebranded website offers a visual treat to its members. The new logo and design help the brand in achieving its goal of reaching more markets, as well as providing a more convenient and engaging Bitcoin casino experience.

Improvements to tap the Asian market

The new rebranded offers convenience and more rewards

Powered by, pushed through with its full rebranding to reach the Asian market and target various demographics through the over 1,300 games in its library.’s rebranding is a smart approach since the market potential is high in the Asian region that it is targeting. There are over 4.148 million people in Asia as of 2017. Nearly half of the population or 1.846 million people use the internet. This ratio is likely to grown overtime.

One of the changes in the website is its mobile-friendly design. Players can easily navigate the site and play the games easily on their smartphone or tablet. The casino can be accessed on most types of current mobile devices regardless of the mobile platform.

Another added method to making the casino accessible to various markets is the multilingual support. now supports the following languages: Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese. According to the head of the casino, it will add other languages in the future.

On another note,’s use of Bitcoin helps to make it easy for people in certain regions to deposit and withdraw their money. Some jurisdictions may have banks or credit card companies that will not allow locals to deposit money on any gambling site. Thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin, many Asian countries have local exchanges that allow residents to buy and sell Bitcoin. Players can use the cryptocurrency on and turn their winnings to cash at almost any time.

New VIP features

Another addition to the rebranded is its VIP program. The program is exclusively for a selected group of players. This is different from other casino’s loyalty program where players are automatically signed up for the VIP membership when they create their account.

On, VIP membership is only given to certain players. There are no set requirements or criteria that a player must meet in order to get an invitation. The casino only states that a player will receive an email invitation as long as he keeps playing Bitcoin slot games, blackjack, and other games on board.

Based on the exclusivity of the VIP program, the benefits of being a member are better than other generic loyalty programs. VIP members can join tournaments that are exclusive to VIPs. Members also get invites to real-life events in different countries.

The rewards of VIP program are more than just free spins or bonus credits. Players can win actual Bitcoin vouchers, Apple devices, or LED TVs.