New Coinbase Services May Ease US Players’ Gambling Experience


Coinbase continues to innovate the way their customers can buy, use, and store bitcoins. Earlier this year, it launched its Vault. Now, its latest offering enables users to also store US dollars since the Coinbase USD wallet has finally been launched in the US market.

Coinbase USD wallet stores US dollar and Bitcoin

One of the widely used and popular Bitcoin wallets, Coinbase introduces a new concept of storing US dollars and Bitcoin side by side in a wallet. This feature allows for lightning-fast Bitcoin transactions, whether in buying or selling.

Most notable are the instant sales and buys that do not require a waiting period anymore, which normally extends to four days in the case of this Bitcoin wallet service provider.

However, only select users can avail of this feature since the USD wallet is only available in 16 states, namely Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. This wallet also requires identity verification.

CoinbaseBitcoin gambling enthusiasts still benefit from Coinbase services

Back in August, reports surfaced online that Coinbase is actively blocking users from accessing their accounts due to gambling-related activities.

A Reddit user revealed that he was advised by the Bitcoin exchange and wallet service provider to transfer any remaining bitcoins from his Coinbase account to another Bitcoin wallet for the reason that his existing account will no longer be permitted to avail any of its services.

This situation prompted other online players to avoid using Coinbase when playing in a Bitcoin casino.

However, for some players, the services being offered by Coinbase are too good to ignore. Fortunately for them, they may still use the services of Coinbase, provided that they do not directly use their said accounts when betting on any of the Bitcoin casino games available in the online gambling market.

Thus, players in the abovementioned states may take advantage of the instant purchase and sale of the digital currency, which then they must transfer to another Bitcoin wallet specifically for gambling online.

At the same time, should they have collected large amounts of Bitcoin wins, which they have no intention of using as their bankroll, they may still send them back to their Coinbase account and keep their bitcoins safe inside the Vault.

Meanwhile, Coinbase has also recently partnered with Mozilla Foundation and launched a new tipping tool.