New Enterra Mobile App To Boost Bitcoin Poker


Enterra Poker’s initiatives to develop new solutions and products pave the way for innovations like the mobile poker app compatible with Bitcoin.

Mobile Poker App

There is more to Bitcoin gambling than playing casino games. Take betting on poker with Bitcoin for example.

Bitcoin poker takes off from the popularity of the classic table game, and it revolutionizes the way it is played with the help from the innovative technology distinct to cryptocurrencies. This is the reason the popularity of online poker in Bitcoin gambling is still a record to match.

With intense demand for Bitcoin poker, software and game providers continue to develop gaming solutions compatible with various platforms. One of the notable upgrades in this industry is Enterra Poker’s mobile app, which is the software that several Bitcoin poker rooms run on.

Bitcoin poker now accessible via mobile app

Renowned poker software developer Enterra recently announced the release of its upgraded mobile poker app compatible with Bitcoin gaming.

Enterra Poker Pro

This newly released product is developed from the ground up in order to provide a more effective poker gameplay for avid gamblers, according to the developer’s CEO Dmitry Starostenkov.

In addition, unlike its previous versions, Enterra’s poker application offers poker aficionados with fresh add-ons to rev up their clients’ poker gaming experience.

He shared in an online interview:

“It isn’t just an update of the existing application. More precise would be to say that we have developed the app almost from zero, including all previously available options and some new ones.”

Starostenkov also stated that other than being developed from an entire fresh blueprint, Enterra’s newest application is designed based on the majority of the suggestions and preferences of its clients, thereby providing them with not only a refreshing platform but with a convenient one as well:

“While developing new mobile poker version, we took into consideration the suggestions of our buyers – online poker platform users, and final users feedback. That’s why we haven’t just used new technologies, but also added several useful options to make a game more convenient. Some examples: new lobby now has user game filters, and a player’s profile is editable.”

Poker fanatics can expect classic and favored poker variations like Hold ’em, Omaha, and Stud to be playable via the new Enterra Poker Pro app. In addition, this mobile poker application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android-powered devices.

Enterra Mobile Poker

Enterra poker app marks the revolution of other Bitcoin gambling categories

Although Enterra’s mobile application is intended for the benefit of the online poker department, the launch of the upgraded app deals an encouraging impact on other online gambling departments as well.

Considering that other Bitcoin casino software and game developers continue to formulate and come up with more cutting-edge technologies with the likes of the Enterra mobile app, the iGaming department will soon be known to be more than just Bitcoin slots.

In addition, the convenient availability of Bitcoin poker and other Bitcoin games will greatly affect the acknowledgement of the Bitcoin gambling department in the long run.

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