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New ‘FlapPig’ Mobile Game Helps Promote Bitcoin

BitLanders developed FlapPig, a new game that rewards players with free Bitcoin as a way to help support and promote Bitcoin through mobile games.

What can be more rewarding than to get paid playing Bitcoin games?

There are plenty of ways out there to earn bitcoins, and playing online or on mobile is quickly becoming the latest fad on the market, other than mining and receiving the digital currency as payments. Betting in Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites may not promise guaranteed wins and additional bitcoins, but it is definitely enjoyable and entertaining.

Other than placing bets in a mobile Bitcoin casino for several rounds of roulette, slots, or poker, bitcoiners may also find a new source of happiness and extra bitcoins through the newly launched game from the social networking site bitLanders.

FlapPig, which shares similarities with the popular game Flappy Bird, stands out with its flying golden pig that collects cryptocoins.


Pigs do fly

The newest mobile application from bitLanders features the flying pig named Foo, who has a tremendous appetite for Bitcoin. Players must guide him past the obstacles in order to be rewarded with the digital coins. The longer the distance Foo has traveled, the higher the prize will be at the end of each round.

According to its official page on Google Play:

“Foo likes digital gold and will do anything to collect more and more Bitcoins for his stash.
Even when he’s about to explode, through sweat and relentless flapping, his little wings will bring him to the goal! Help Foo in his quest for gold and, like him, you will also have a chance to win real Bitcoin!”

While FlapPig is not exactly a game based on luck, it is designed to attract bitcoiners who wish to experience fun and earn some coins at the same time, thereby including even the Bitcoin casino enthusiasts to its potential players.

Land of the free

Playing for free bitcoins may not look as rewarding compared to mining, but what sets Bitcoin games like FlapPig apart from others is the joy that it brings while earning bitcoins.

At first glance, the coins collected per game may not be a huge deal, but players who are ready for several rounds of serious gaming may face surprises—accumulated bitcoins over time may yield large amounts that can be extremely rewarding.

Moreover, coins that Foo gathers will be added to the players’ bitLanders account afterwards. Players who are interested must sign up for a free bitLanders account and connect their profile once the game starts. A shopping section can be accessed where rewards can be claimed in exchange for the user’s earned bitcoins.

FlapPig is available on iOS and Android mobile operating systems.


The bitLanders experience

Launched in 2014, bitLanders offers a different type of social media, where users are encouraged to further participate in exchange for incentives.

The site exists around bitcoins and social purposes. Combining the features of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, bitLanders created a common ground for the mentioned social websites.

Sharing of blogs, images, or advertisements are rewarded depending on the popularity or attraction it gets from fellow bitLanders users—a process known as BuzzScore. This reflects users’ involvement on the site, thereby giving benefit to creators from the promotion users engage toward other communities.

Social media and Bitcoin go hand in hand since both make impact online. Bitcoin casinos and other gambling sites offering Bitcoin poker, sports betting, and dice among others can take advantage of social media advertisement for promotions and announcements. This will help expose Bitcoin gaming capabilities to the uninformed users of the cryptocurrency, which is what FlapPig demonstrates.

BitLanders created a community that puts every social media need in one basket, and there is no question that FlapPig helps promote Bitcoin through mobile games. Despite the fact that FlapPig is not directly related to Bitcoin casinos, having games like this one adds value to the digital currency, especially to the Bitcoin gambling sector. Other than playing in a free Bitcoin casino, players of this game can find themselves with free bitcoins instead.

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