New FortuneJack Bonuses Show True Generosity

FortuneJack Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to new players. This is how they manage to attract them. These bonuses range from additions to their deposit to free spins in slot games. Depending on how the casino implements these bonuses, they can be a minor addition to a gambler’s efforts or a significant boost to their gambling capacity. This is why a lot of online gambler’s criteria for choosing the gaming site they play at usually include how big the bonus is.

FortuneJack’s new bonuses for incoming players should be enough to please anyone. Used properly, players can earn big jackpots with them, which is sure to put a big smile on their faces.

Generous first deposit bonuses

New players on FortuneJack can expect a set of bonuses waiting for them when they make their first deposit. Depending on how much they fund their account with, they can earn a large bonus. To get a bonus, they will need to deposit at least 0.001 BTC. This will earn players a 100-percent deposit bonus of up to 0.5 BTC.

New FortuneJack Deposit Bonuses

This is a bonus offer that is immediately added to their account. This means players can use the bonus to wager on Bitcoin games as soon as the deposit is credited. Note that the initial deposit needs to be exhausted before a player can use the bonus, and any withdrawal attempt will ensure that the bonus is forfeited.

The other bonus on board gives so much more. For people planning to make a deposit of at least 0.777 BTC in their FortuneJack account, the casino makes it their lucky number. A bonus of 1 BTC is instantly credited and is ready to be used the same rules as the initial bonus.

Other than these two Bitcoin casino bonus deals, players are still equipped with another way to cash in. This time, they have to make to do with the monthly deposit bonus. The first time a deposit is made each month, a 100-percent bonus of up to 1 BTC is awarded to qualified players. This bonus functions the same as the other bonuses.

Making players feel welcome

These bonuses are just where it begins. FortuneJack’s generosity extends to other elements in its game experience. For instance, the accumulated player jackpots that the casino has given out are nearly 324 BTC to date. That is nearly $140,000 worth of money.

FortuneJack Rewards

The winnings are great, but not everyone feels them. This is the reason Fortunejack has decided to spread the wealth around, making their affiliate and loyalty programs the perfect venue to collect more profits and bonuses. For affiliates who are doing their best to advertise the site, the casino has already released over 305 BTC in payment, while those who have been loyally playing in the account have received over 417 BTC worth of cashbacks and bonuses.

With all that it has to offer, FortuneJack welcomes online casino enthusiasts to experience the player-friendly services it has in store. From the lucrative FortuneJack bonuses to the wide range of games optimized for cryptocurrency betting, this casino is the perfect place to play and win online.