New MGA System Enables for Easier License Application

Malta Gaming Authority partners with Microsoft to streamline the process of applying for a license in its jurisdiction. The MGA Licensee Relationship Management System can change how the regulation office interacts with its licensees.

MGA is an EU regulation body found on the small island of Malta. Malta’s regulation body has the strictest requirements for its licensee to ensure clients and players are protected.

Licensee Relationship Management System

MGA releases new Licensee Relationship Management System

Recently, Joseph Cushieri and Silvio Schembri from Malta Gaming Authority recently announced the release of the Licensee Relationship Management System. License applicants can open the system via the MGA’s secure and dedicated online portal.

These are the three main services offers to applicants during the first phase of the system:

  • Applications for Remote Gaming Licenses
  • Dynamic Seal URL Requests
  • Submission of Players Liability and Gaming Tax Reports

Joseph Cuschieri, executive chairman of MGA, said:

“The Malta Gaming Authority is taking another step towards achieving efficiency and innovation in the way it conducts its function as a regulator by applying information technology in regulatory processes. This project further aids the Authority in providing a top end service to its licensees and practitioners alike. Our main objective remains; that of exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders at large. This portal goes a long way in achieving that.”

Silvio Schembri, parliamentary secretary of MGA, said that this is just one of the ways that the regulation body is proactively improving its services for the iGaming industry, adding:

“Today, the MGA is launching a new system by which it will be facilitating the communication with clients applying for a gaming license on our shores. This system will function via an online portal improving the efficiency of the Authority’s regulatory process. This project forms part of the government’s vision for the improvement of our gaming jurisdiction. With similar initiatives, the Authority is excelling in the service given to those wishing to invest in our country, whereby said service always exceeds the expectations of the vast majority of operators.”

Benefits of the Licensee Relationship Management System

Fiat and Bitcoin casino operators have three ways to benefit from the latest Licensee Relationship Management System. The system allows an operator track the progress of their license application. Operators can keep up to date with their application at any time by visiting the online portal.

Another benefit of the system is to help operators know if they are meeting the requirements for the license. This can remove the guesswork for applicants to ensure that everything is in order when obtaining a license.

Thanks to the system, applicants and a representative from the regulation body can communicate with each other in real time. This is important if there is any process that an applicant is not clear with or if he has any concerns.

Meanwhile, MGA recently required all licensees to comply with AML/CFT standards.