More New Online Slots Hit Bitcoin Casinos

New Online Slots

Slot games are a favorite of online gamblers. The simple process of just letting those reels spin is quite pleasing to many players. That is why there have been a lot of variants that have come out. A lot of companies offer slots games with new features to pique the interest of the players, hence the popularity of the themed slot games.

The march of progress continues through and slots have progressed a lot in terms of graphics and game design. Recently, three leaders in game content development released their latest products for the gambling public to enjoy.

New online slots open for bets

Betsoft’s Birds! is the first on the list. In the game, players are given the lovely task of matching up combinations of birds of the same feather. The main difference with this game is the great graphics that it displays.

Birds! Slot

Betsoft is an expert in 3D graphics and it shows in its portfolio of Slots3 games. Instead of spinning reels, players will see birds actually flying in to land on the electric wires that support them. Each bird looks fantastic and colorful. The bonus game is also delightful, with free flights being provided if a player manages to get four flights in a single spin.

The other equally adorable slot is an iSoftBet offering called Cloud Tales. In this game, players are visitors to the Mushroom Island. Filled with interesting characters, the game is less visually impressive as the previous slot, but it still manages to deliver an attractive game experience. It does not hurt that the cutesy graphics can be quite charming. The game’s bonus feature is quite interesting as well in that it turns an entire reel into wild symbols.

Cloud Tales Slot

The last on the list is the more serious online slot from NetEnt. With the Football: Champions Cup slot, players take on the role of football players hoping to win the championship. The game is a bit of a throwback to traditional slot games with standard symbols spinning in the reels. Winning combinations give players a chance to win more money. The unique element that the game brings is its bonus game. In it, players are attempting a football penalty shot and a successful hit will net them a bonus.

Betting on reputation

All of these games come from top-notch developers. NetEnt is a big name in the software development world, with several great games under its belt. In business since 1996, this Swedish company has a lot of experience to bring to the table when it comes to making fun games. It does not hurt that they also happen to be one of the biggest online casino operators in the world.

Football: Champions Cup Slot

iSoftBet and Betsoft are no pushovers, either. Both have great reputations in making games and have managed to make some memorable games like the 24 slot game for iSoftBet and the series of 3D slots for BetSoft.

With trusted names in the world of online game content design, players are assured of renewed interest in online slot betting, especially with the use of Bitcoin. Select Bitcoin casinos already feature these new online slots.

The Birds! slot is now on board BetChain Casino, Princess Star Casino, and, which also features the action-packed the Football: Champions Cup slot, among many other Bitcoin slots.