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New Study: US Millennials Demographic Favors Online Gaming

A recent study from YouGov found that millennials in the US find land-based casinos to be depressing and are likely to support legal online gaming.

Millennials–people who were born around the 80s and 90s, in the US believe that land-based casinos are not the adult playgrounds that previous generations of people perceived, according to a recent study by YouGov, a London based data research firm.

While most of the US millennial demographic find land-based casinos to be depressing, they are in support of online gambling. But gaming operators must step up their game by providing products that millennials want in order to bring in players from the said demographic.

Insight on Millennials’ Attitude Toward Casinos

In the YouGov gambling data study that consists of 32,000 US residents, about 47 percent of respondents who are millennials aged 18 to 34 think that land-based casinos are depressing. On the other hand, 33 percent of millennials do not find casinos to be depressing, while20 percent neither agree nor disagree. Only 41 percent of respondents in the age groups of 35 to 49 and 50 to 64 are turned off by land-based gambling venues. Meanwhile, 49 percent of respondents who are aged 65 and above disagree that casinos are dreary places.

Paul Hiebert, a researcher of YouGov, said:

“Older consumers are also more likely than younger consumers to say these traditional casinos represent good quality.”

YouGov’s data in regard to the legalization of online gambling find that 50 percent from US respondents within the age groups of 18 to 34 back the legislation, while only 28 percent disagree.  Fifty-two percent of US respondents aged 35 to 49 and 41 percent of respondents aged 50 to 64 also support legal online gambling. About 59 percent of respondents aged 65 and above oppose the legislation for legalized online gaming.

Robert Ambrose, professor of casino management in Fairleigh Dickinson University, said:

“This is the first generation that has grown up from diaper to ‘cap and gown’ centered in a planet-sized evolution of technology. So why wouldn’t they be bored with some of the casino environments and products of the past?”

This trend comes from the common notion that millennials do not favor traditional luck games like slots or table games in casinos. According to the Millennial Entertainment Preferences Study, people who become adults from 2000 to 2010 gamble at lower rates than previous generations. The study found that millennials spend 8.5 percent of their budget on gambling while non-millennials spend 23.5 percent on luck games.

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Key to Attract Millennials

Based on YouGov’s study, online gaming operators have a slight advantage over land-based casino venues. But millennials will not flock toward the nearest gaming website unless operators add something unique and engaging to online casinos.

One way some online and land-based casinos succeed in persuading millennials to bet with real money are through skill-based games. Some of these games are similar to arcade games that require skills in order to win. Others are in the form of competitive card games such as Texas hold’em poker tournaments. The appeal of these games comes from a sense of control over the players’ payout.

Another means to attract young players are esportsbooks. Live viewers of esports events are overwhelmingly filled by millennials. Operators can connect with young players with betting markets for major pro-gaming tournaments like The International, Valve’s popular Dota 2 tournament. Fortunately for sportsbook operators, the latest PASPA ruling in the New Jersey case may allow book makers to provide betting markets for esports events to millennial players in the US.

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